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We love travel-sized minis! Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside the Sephora PH Mini Mart

Even when shopping online, people have different approaches. Some prefer to look at a brand category and check out what’s new from there, while others simply browse the featured products on the home page. The budget-conscious might head straight for the Sales tab, or simply check their carts to see if what they like is on promo.

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Don't Miss It: Here's a fun way to shop for luxury beauty with free GCs and games!

What could be more fun than going beauty shopping? Why, shopping with gift certificates, of course! More than getting a straight-up discount, there’s something very satisfying about handing over a bunch of GCs to pay for your purchases. This is the experience that four Luxasia Philippines brands try to recreate with their first ever Beauty Shopping Wonderland in Mega Fashion Hall!

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Editor's Picks: My top ten Holy Grail products from Sephora PH

My home and the Project Vanity HQ is stashed with bins and bins of beauty products. It can be quite a challenge to curate sometimes, but at the end of the day, it's what I pick up the most that makes it to my top ten! Seeing as it's Sephora PH site-wide sale season once more, I thought that I'd list down my HGs from the store. Hopefully this serves as a useful guide as you get your haul at 20% (for Gold and Black Members) and 15% (White) off until May 6. Let's go!

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Five beauty products that you should never buy on Lazada

Ah, the holidays. Carols are playing on the radio, tinsel and ornaments hang everywhere, and traffic is overwhelming. The current state of our streets and malls might rob even the most festive person of the Christmas spirit. Thankfully, online shopping giants like Zalora and Lazada can mean that gift hunting doesn’t have to involve burning through a tank of gas and the last of your patience!

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Stay Strong: Here are seven tips to survive your no-buy resolution

Since joining the Project Vanity team last year, the amount of beauty products in my stash has doubled in size. With the combination of my voracious need for new lipstick and constantly chatting with fellow PV girls who are enablers (I’m looking at you, Kim, haha!), I suddenly had more than what I need!

It’s not such a bad thing because I’m happy to try out new stuff but my responsible side screams at my makeup junkie side to calm TF down with the hoarding. So I’ve taken it upon myself to only buy the products that I need and not just want (goodbye for now, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, sob).

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Staff Picks: Our biggest beauty splurge this year

As the -ber months roll in and the holiday collections roll out, we at the PV team have been editing our beauty wish lists. There's a lot of enabling going on in our group chat and in the Project Vanity community page! It's getting harder and harder to say no Sephora's sale and the opening of the Tom Ford store in Rustan's (both happening this weekend, btw) so in an attempt to curb our shopping impulses, we took a quick accounting on the most expensive beauty purchases we've made so far. Were they worth it? Should you get them? Do we need help for our beauty shopping addiction? Read on to find out!

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FYI: This is where to shop for beauty products in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has become a travel destination for Filipinos due to cheap fares and visa-free access starting October. Think of it as a more laid-back mix of Japan and Hong Kong, with its extensive transportation system, generally kind people, and a somewhat of a smaller language barrier (though learning a little Mandarin helps!)

More importantly, it’s also a haven for beauty shopping!
More importantly, it’s also quite a haven for beauty shopping! Taiwanese brands like Naruko, 23.5°N, and Dr. Morita have been making it to our shores because of the burgeoning beauty industry that Taiwan has. I was recently there for a trip with my family, and I made sure to check out the beauty scene! If you'll be traveling to Taipei, do add these stores to your must-visit list!

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Staff Picks: Underrated beauty brands that deserve more love

As a PV girl who tries to be a smart spender, I almost never buy any products without looking for and extensively reading reviews about it first. It sucks to waste money on a dud product! However, there are times when no one seems to be talking about the product or brand I'm interested in and I have to go in blind to test them on my own. It's a shame because there are a lot of great brands that people don't know about simply because you don't see them on blogs or beauty websites. So today, we're sharing our favorite underrated brands and why you should consider checking them out! 

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