Staff Picks: Recent purchases we love to bits

Since when has already owning a lot of makeup stopped anyone from buying even more makeup? There should be no shame in getting a new product that performs better than a previous favorite, or filling a gap in your collection. That said, I like to think that the knowledge that we have so many things on our vanity makes us even more discerning about our future purchases.

For us PV girls, every wishlist item has to be thoroughly researched for ingredients, user feedback, and best available price before making it into our shopping carts. Not to say that we never get duds but overall, this careful consideration helps ensure that our hauls will be winners. Today on PV, meet our latest loves!

Liz: I attended a garden wedding yesterday and I swear that I forgot what the word "cool" meant for a while. It was ridiculously hot! Even the reception area was not airconditioned so you can imagine the guests' melty faces throughout the event. I had the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation on though, which is truly the most hulas-free, water-resistant foundation I've tried to date. It barely creased and faded during the 10 hours I wore it. Totally worth the splurge! I got it abroad though but I will probably repurchase when I'm out (unless I find something better of course hehe).

Den: I very rarely buy anything beauty-related because I still have a lot of products to use up so my most recent purchase (and possibly best one ever) consists of the CosRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid and BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Thanks to these two, I'm honestly enjoying the best state my skin has ever been. The AHA has taken care of the ashy, dull complexion that my dry skin is prone to, while the BHA remedied the weird clogged pores on the spots where my glasses rest on my face. It's been months and I still can't stop raving about these!

Angela: I last got Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation and it's worth every cent! I can easily apply it with my hands though blend it in with a sponge afterwards to get a smoother finish. It looks so natural, like I don't have anything on. It makes my skin look really clear and smooth, plus it stays on for the whole day!

Crystal: As someone with naturally curly hair that I like to color, my conditioning needs are more demanding than that of a regular person. I recently tried a sample of Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Conditioner and was so impressed that I had to purchase one! I normally use a lot of conditioner, but with this a little goes a very long way. It's able to keep my curls nice, even up to the day after. It's pricey but one of the best conditioners I've ever tried.

Karla: My most recent purchase was the BECCA Beach Tint in Grapefruit. I absolutely love it! It's the perfect everyday blush and lip color - easy to blend, light on the skin, and smells SOOOOO good!

Gett: When I first saw the Infinite Lip Cloud release from EM Cosmetics, I immediately zeroed in the color Faded Clementine. I've always been attracted to orange lippies but I couldn't find that perfect orange that wasn't too in-your-face or prone to making my teeth look yellow.

Faded Clementine looked like the orange of my dreams when I saw the swatches. Admittedly, while I wanted it so bad, I was apprehensive because the color seemed to change on different skin tones and the formulation has mixed reviews. I'm glad I bit the bullet when I saw a local seller who had it on hand! The formulation dries out matte but it's comfortable on the lips, and it wears out nicely throughout the day. The doe foot wand hugs the curves of the lips so application is smooth and even. And it smells like Nutella, yum! I sometimes like to use it as a cheek color too, but I have to be quick about blending it out before it sets.

Kim: I've been using The Ordinary's Advanced Retinoid 2% for over a month now and I think I'm going to be repurchasing this forever, or at least until they stop making it! I used to have a lot of pimples and tiny bumps on my forehead but now my acne horrors are a thing of the past. I know this product was the one that did it because I would basically just double cleanse, slap on some retinoid, and sleep.

Shame, I know, but I'm always super tired at night and can barely keep my eyes open for the 15 minutes that I'm supposed to wait before putting anything else on. Do note that it took a while before I even noticed it working in the acne department but my skin slowly and surely transformed. I noticed the improvement in vitality right away but I was about three to four weeks in when I stopped getting new pimples.

Marielle: It's been so far, so good with my current skincare booster, The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%. I've been using it regularly this past month, and it has adapted to my regular routine seamlessly. It doesn't dry out my skin like the Niacinamide of the same brand does, which I also purchased. I'm still waiting for the long-term effects, though my skin has been blissfully inflammation-free since I started using this.

Tellie: I was first underwhelmed by the Son and Park Beauty Water after using it as a toner. I felt like it was so stripping on my skin! So I tried skipping the foaming wash step of my double cleanse routines and suddenly it made all the difference! n my current skincare regime, it acts as a toning micelle water. It's fantastic at wiping off base and lip makeup but is untested on waterproof eye makeup thus far. I go straight to my moisturizing elements after Son and Park, and my skin is just absolutely all about that chok chok life!