How to have waterproof kilay for five days with the K-Palette Eyebrow Tint

I’ve been offered free eyebrow microblading several times now, but I’ve declined each offer so far. I just can’t imagine myself committing to one eyebrow look for at least half a year given how I sometimes draw my brows straighter, rounder, or archy-er depending on what I feel like. I also don’t want to have to worry about the brow artist getting the color wrong - it’s going to kill me inside if the shade is not what I need. I’m too OC about my kilay to leave them in somebody else’s hands!

I’m not saying that y’all should keep far, far away from eyebrow microblading. It’s just not for me, but I can see why others would want the service for themselves. I mean, imagine waking up with brows that don't need any more fussing. Isn't a low maintenance lyf - while looking pretty as pie - what we all want? Fortunately there is something you can do to cut your eyebrow makeup time in HALF. Meet the latest from K-Palette: the Eyebrow Tint (P895)!

So what is it? It's a temporary tint that can shade your brows for at least four days straight. You get a tube full of gloopy product, which you slather on your brows and leave to "cure" for at least two hours or overnight (ideal). The longer the product stays on, the longer the stain lasts! Here's a quick rundown of what's awesome as well as tricky about it.

Winning points

  • There are three shades to choose from: 01 Light Brown which is a light neutral blonde, 02 Natural Brown which is an ashy brown, and 03 Mocha Brown which a warm, reddish brown. Light Brown is too blonde on me as I have non-dyed hair at the moment, while Mocha Brown is too red. Natural Brown, however, is perfect! It looks great with my hair color and skin tone. Natural eyebrow shades are what K-Palette does best, and I'm glad I was not disappointed. 

    I would recommend you get 02 Natural Brown if you have black to black brown hair, 03 Mocha Brown if you have reddish hair, and 01 Light Brown if you have bleached hair

  • Staying power is amazing. It's still solid up to three days with minimal fading on me, but the longest I've had it on is five days when left overnight. (!!!) It fades gradually so by the 4th day, I still have a good amount of color. Now I've tried another Korean brand previously, but that wears on me for only three days, tops. It was a lot cheaper but I would pay more for five days of minimum kilay work. I have a special trick, which I will talk more about in a bit.
  • The goop might look intimidating at first - it's really thick and sticky! - but it's actually easy to apply and correct with a cotton bud as you go along. The brush is small so you can draw a precise line.
  • The product dries completely in about 45 minutes so you can peel it off in one go. If you leave it overnight, it just sorta comes off by itself. No worries though as it doesn't stain objects when dry so don't worry about getting it on your pillow.
  • Each tube has 8.5 grams of product inside. According to K-Palette, this should be good for 6 months of weekly use. Just make sure to keep the cap securely closed at all times since the product dries out easily.


  • Drawing your desired shape freehand might be challenging if you're not used to getting it right in one go. I recommend drawing a light outline first with eyebrow powder (don't touch the hair please) so you have a guide and avoid drawing uneven brows. Each tint comes with two plastic eyebrow stencils, but for a more natural look I recommend following your natural, usual shape. How you'd do your eyebrows normally, in other words!
  • Not sure if it's just me, but this tint has a vinegar-like smell. It goes away quickly though so not a big problem.
  • The product builds up around the lip of the cap. You have to remove that regularly so it would close properly.

The "secret" technique

I heard this from a Project Vanity commenter actually. Please holler if it was from you, can't find the comment na! Anyway, our hot tip is to swipe brows with makeup remover first to remove all traces of oil and dirt. This will allow the stain to penetrate better! It works. Without applying makeup remover, the tint is less pigmented. It's also more easily removed with each wash and the use of oil-based makeup removers.

I observed that with the makeup remover as "base", the stain is much, much more difficult to remove. I used bi-phase waterproof makeup remover to try to remove the tint and it only budges a bit. 0_0 For your reference, I used the Son & Park Beauty Water before the K-Palette tint.

There's a caveat though: this technique messes up the color. Natural Brown, which is not reddish at all on me when applied normally, turns quite brassy! It's not too off naman since I add a bit of makeup anyway (I'm OC remember), but still. You are warned. For your reference, the before and after full-faced photos shows Natural Brown the way it normally renders. The photos with Days 2 to 5 are the ones taken when I used a makeup remover beforehand. You'll notice the brassiness disappears by Days 4 and 5. 


I love this stuff! The K-Palette Eyebrow Tint might be a tricky beast, but it's ridiculously useful once I got the hang of it. It cuts my brow makeup time in half since I don't need to spend so much time filling in the sparse areas; the first two to three days, I don't even need to add any brow makeup! That's pretty liberating considering I can't step out without eyebrows on.

If you have super oily skin, this is for you. If you sweat a lot because of commuting or working out, you'll love this. If you're just generally lazy, this was made for you!

I will continue using this and will probably purchase it when I run out. My special other, James, actually loves it on himself since it stays on for days! If your SOs eyebrows bother you (let's be honest here alright) then this is the solution. I've been trying to convince James to fix his eyebrows for AGES and now, I finally did! Thanks to K-Palette.

What do you think? Does this look like something you might try?