Kilay for days, and only for P240: The Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack

When I first saw videos of Korean women peeling off semi-permanent eyebrow tint from their brows, I was revolted. I thought that it's the straight highway to a hell of patchy brows with pulled out hairs! Why not just stick to ol' fashioned eyebrow makeup? Why do we have to resort to these newfangled, dangerous-looking things?

But curiosity eventually got the better of me, so I picked up the Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack (P240) at Althea recently. This is a gooey, thick liquid that tints brows for a few days when left on for 2-8 hours. So does it work? Yes, it does! I am so happy with this product. The tint lasts for about three days before completely fading and looks completely natural! The shade I have, 03 Choco Frapuccino, matches my hair to a T. The three other shades appear pretty natural too.

Honestly, you won't get solid kilay that looks professionally filled in, but the results are nice for an every day look; you can always add more definition if needed. The tint fades at the tail and inner corners of the brows first (two days in) but there's still some body left by the third day. I mean, can you imagine it? I DIDN'T PUT EYEBROW MAKEUP ON FOR THREE DAYS. Don't think that's happened in a long, long time!

Edit: The result below has a reddish tint, but this goes away after the first shower or after washing my face. I'd say the brow tint lasts for about three showers - of course, for this to happen, you must avoid rubbing the area with cleansers. You can wet it, just try not to touch it.

To use, just carefully brush the gooey liquid on your brows, following your natural shape. If you're not too confident about freehanding it, you can create an outline first with a brow pencil before going in with the tint. Then, leave it for a minimum of two hours, or overnight if you can manage it. Just try not to roll around while sleeping. When it's ready, you can peel the product off carefully to reveal the tinted finish. I like to pass over my brows with a wet cotton pad just to remove the excess product.

It's pretty easy to peel and no brow hairs were harmed in the process. ^_^ I also didn't get any negative reaction on my skin after using it for about three times now.

This color chart seems to be pretty accurate, at least based on the Choco Frappuccino I have. It's a warm brown that suits brunettes.

This color chart seems to be pretty accurate, at least based on the Choco Frappuccino I have. It's a warm brown that suits brunettes.

Overall, I highly recommend the Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack if you:

  • Want to save time doing your eyebrow makeup in the morning
  • Want a long-wearing color that will defy oily skin, sweat, and even swimming
  • Want eyebrows that looks natural and soft, like they're thick and polished that way

Cons? Man, I can't think of any. This is the best P240 I spent in a while, and I will definitely get this again when I run out! Let me know what you think, as always. ^_^ Will you try this out?