Five things we wish makeup sales ladies would stop saying

The beauty assistants at makeup counters can be your friend or foe. In a best case scenario, they’re well-versed on the products they’re selling and notify you when the item you’ve been saving up for goes on sale. On the other hand, they can also make shopping at luxury stores more intimidating that it already is, and get hella annoying with the sales talk. Some push so hard that they make up #altfacts just to convince you to make the purchase, even though there’s just no way in the world that the product would work for you. While we know they’re just trying to make a living, we wish they’d stop saying these things! 

“Bagay sa inyo kahit anong lip color kasi maputi kayo!” (All lip colors look good on you because your skin is fair!)

Yes, you are free to wear ANY lipstick color you want regardless of your skin tone, but not all colors will suit you. Your skin color and undertones all play a part in determining what lip colors will flatter you best, and which ones will look a little weird. Strong hints of orange can make your teeth look yellow, while certain nudes can make you appear pale and sickly.

lipstick swatches.jpg

“Safe po ito kahit sa bata, natural lahat ng ingredients!” (This product only has natural ingredients, it's even safe for kids!)

If you have sensitive skin, or you’re trying to be more environmentally responsible with your makeup choices, “natural” will draw you in like a moth to the light. But while the product may be made from 100% natural ingredients, that doesn’t guarantee that it's safe for you. You may be allergic even to natural ingredients, or experience negative interactions with other products in your routine. So when in doubt, do as Sarah Lahbati says, and check the label!


“Ito po gamit ko ngayon!” (It's what I'm wearing right now!)

Before buying anything beauty-related, we take care to look for reviews (here in Project Vanity, of course!) and get personal recommendations from people we trust. Because SA’s are expected to know all about their brand, we tend to give weight to their opinion as well. That lipstick or blush may look nice on her but look off on you. And yes, it’s entirely possible she’s actually wearing a different product.

“Dapat lighter yung color na kunin niyo kasi ‘pag oily skin, acidic!” (Get a lighter foundation shade, since if you're oily, you have acidic skin.)

Oily or dry, our skin is naturally acidic, thanks to a natural acid mantle that protects our skin from irritants. You may notice that your base makeup changes color after a few minutes of being applied to your skin, and it’s only to be expected as formula adjusts to the unique conditions of our skin. So before you commit to buying a skin-tone adaptive shade, have the SA apply the product on jaw line, and wait an hour or so to see how it will look when oxidized. If you have time, it's best to apply the foundation on your whole face and walk around for a few hours to see how it suits your skin.

“Bagay sa inyo!” (It looks great on you!)

Flattery can go a long way, but don't let it pressure you into buying something you're not that sure about. It's your money and more than anyone else you know how hard you've worked for it; don't be shy and walk away if the product doesn't look or feel right to you. SAs are there to help you out with whatever you need. Even so, shouldn't feel like you owe them anything because they were just literally doing their job.

What annoying things have SAs said so that you’d buy their products? Share your experiences with us at the comments below!