Why Bioré remains as my HG sunscreen brand

Admit it: wearing sunscreen often feels like a chore. You know why you have to wear it on your face as well as all over your body everyday but - and here comes the drop - most days it's a hassle. The greasiness of the average drugstore high-SPF sunscreen is too much to deal with plus re-applying is simply inconvenient if you're already out of the house. I get it. But y'all have no excuse now because Bioré, the PV Team's HG sunscreen brand, just came out with two bombshells for face and body use: the Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 PA++++ (P460) and the UV Perfect Spray SPF50 PA++++ (P299)!

The Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 PA++++ is similar to the Watery Essence in terms of its light scent and weightless, watery texture. The main difference is that it has a slightly more opaque appearance and it has the addition of what Bioré calls "aqua micro capsules" that burst for added moisture and cooling feeling. Once the Gel is spread out, I don't notice any difference from the finish and feel of the Essence. Is it more moisturizing? I can't really tell; the gel evaporates very quickly due to its alcohol base. I can say though that I don't find it drying on my normal body skin.

It bears mentioning that the gel has 90 grams for P460 while the Essence has 50 grams for P420. In other words, the Gel is actually cheaper than the Essence. But is there any difference? This blog post does a detailed comparison in terms of ingredients (spoiler: they're almost identical). The Gel apparently is a combination of both chemical and physical UV blockers (due to its titanium dioxide content, which explains its slight opacity) while the Essence employs purely chemical sunscreen actives. 

So which is better to buy? The Essence I feel offers a bit more moisture than the Gel; it makes my combination facial skin feel more moist granted that it is heavy on the alcohol, so I would use it alone in the morning. If I were to use the Gel, I would use a separate moisturizer underneath. So it depends on what you need! If you're dry, however, you definitely have to wear moisturizer first under either of these sunscreens.

As it happens, both the 2015-2016 Essence and Gel formulations are discontinued to make way for the 2017 formulation (the one in the deep blue gradient tube). No word yet on when this will come in the PH but I had my mom, who's in Osaka currently, buy me the new Essence. So I'll let you know how that goes! In any case these 2015-2016 versions are still amazing formulas that are easily accessible to all of us. I would use them everyday!

Next up is the Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50 PA++++. Ohhh I love this stuff! This is a fast-drying aerosol sunscreen that sprays out a fine, fine mist. It's perfect for touching up your sunscreen in the middle of the day as it's super fast to use; no need to spread it around with your hands as the mist provides even coverage on the skin. It can be used on both the face and the body, but as I am a bit more sensitive on my face, I would prefer to limit this on my body for now.

This sunscreen spray dries up almost instantly - seriously, it feels like nothing on my skin once the liquid has evaporated! If you're sick of sunscreens that feel sticky once you start sweating up a storm, this is the perfect solution. And guess what, it's only P299! I heard from the Bioré team though that this is available for a limited time only - until April or May, while stocks last. Excuse me while I elbow you guys out of my way. I NEED LIKE TEN OF THESE.

Btw - the one we have in the PH right now is the 2017 repackaged version. I think it's the same formula but the can and cardboard cover are different.

Anyway, last Saturday, I got to put these two Bioré sunscreens to the test when the team took us out on a tour of Manila. We got to visit Fort Santiago and the Rizal Museum inside its walls, as well as San Agustin Church. I love history - I have a Political Science degree - so I loved hearing about stories of daring battles, bloody wars, and witnessing beautiful architecture. It was all thanks to our tour guide, Kuya Mar, who narrated everything with such passion and a real commitment to educate the present generation about its past.

Thank you for holding such a fun event, Bioré and Digify! ^_^ Let me know what y'all think about these new drops from Bioré