What Makeup Means To Me + Everyday Work Look Tutorial

One of my pet peeves is when someone says, "You're beautiful just the way you are. You don't need all this makeup." While I do believe that most of us don't need to wear as much paint as we think, it's also entirely our prerogative to express ourselves the way we wish. For others, makeup is also the quickest path to self-confidence - is it false confidence? You know, if you were able to do more because you had your game face on, who's to say that your self-esteem is a lie? It's like caffeine. The energy burst might only be temporary but you still finished what needed to be done.

Women who love makeup tend to be judged for being shallow, stupid, and vain. I know, we shouldn't even still be having this conversation in this day and age but that misconceived association still exists. The amount of makeup a woman puts on is subject to harsh public opinion as much as the clothes she wears or how high her heels are! It can feel oppressive and cause us to feel unsafe with the way we dress. Hopefully we can change that by calling out those who want to limit us.

While that change might take a while, I think we can also refine the way we think about ourselves and our relationship with beauty. I feel like there's also a lot of pressure from other women, from brands, and from the media to buy, buy, and buy things so we can feel "perfect". Even so-called "empowering" messages that tell us we're beautiful "just the way we are" and that we don't have to change a thing feel empty - some of us can't force ourselves to believe that just because a soap brand said it. It just doesn't work that way.

For me, makeup is that bridge between who you think you are and who you want to become. It's a conversation you hold with other people as you signal certain things about yourself. For example, red lipstick makes you strong and bold; eyeliner makes your eyes look more piercing, intense; eyebrows enhance your facial expressions and frame your face to look as kind or as fierce as you want. 

Makeup is also a conversation you hold with yourself. You know, more than anybody else, who you are. You know what you're capable of and what your dreams are. I think makeup is a useful tool to take that image you have inside of yourself and bring it out for all the world to see. It also allows you to change what you don't like about yourself and enhance what you do like; it allows you to navigate your ever-changing sense of self.

I obviously think about this a lot, haha. It's my job to talk about makeup and skincare but it's more than that, for me. I find meaning in how makeup can empower women to believe. It was never just about how pretty a lipstick is; it's about what it makes you feel!

Anyway, I shot a video with Sephora to show you guys how my everyday work look is like, and more thoughts of what makeup means to me. ^_^ I hope you enjoy watching!

If you're curious, I used the following products:

Face Base: I mixed the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and the Burberry Cashmere Foundation then concealed spots with the Becca Concealing Cream. Finally, I set everything with the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder.

Eyebrows: I used eyeshadow this time for softer, differed brows. I applied Charmed, I'm Sure from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as the filler shade, then added contrast where needed with a darker color, the Beans Are White eyeshadow from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette.

Eyeshadow: I like having matte eyeshadow for work engagements as it allows me to softly contour my eyes in a non-distracting way! It was the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette all the way here; Georgia on the lids, Puree on the crease, and Delectable on the outer v.

Eye Definition: I lined close to my lids with the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil and then pumped up my lashes with the Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara.

Cheeks and Contour: I contoured first with the Cover FX Contour Kit, using the darkest cream shade, then layered the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit on top for a natural peachy flush.

Lips: Can't go wrong with a natural nude-y lip, I think! I adore the way the Too Faced Sweet Peach Gloss in Papa Don't Peach looks on me. 

And that is that. ^_^ Hope you have an International Women's Day full of new ideas and realizations! It would be amazing if you can share as well what makes you feel #boldlybeautiful and tag @sephoraph to let them know what you feel.

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