Staff Picks: Our biggest beauty splurge this year

As the -ber months roll in and the holiday collections roll out, we at the PV team have been editing our beauty wish lists. There's a lot of enabling going on in our group chat and in the Project Vanity community page! It's getting harder and harder to say no Sephora's sale and the opening of the Tom Ford store in Rustan's (both happening this weekend, btw) so in an attempt to curb our shopping impulses, we took a quick accounting on the most expensive beauty purchases we've made so far. Were they worth it? Should you get them? Do we need help for our beauty shopping addiction? Read on to find out!


Den: I actually rarely buy beauty stuff because I still have backups but after obsessively reading about chemical exfoliation, I decided to pick up a bottle of the CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (P963 at BeautyMNL). This was actually something I originally got for my husband but I ended up also using it regularly because it cleared the weird closed comedones that formed where my eyeglasses hit my face. I didn't even realize how congested my pores were until I started using this, and I haven't stopped raving about it ever since! This has been in use since around March but it's still about halfway full despite two users with thrice weekly application each. Definitely getting another bottle when this runs low!

Marielle: I haven't bought a lot of pricier beauty stuff this year as I did my last major hauling in December 2016. But when I read glowing reviews and swatched the Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush in Lush and Libido, I knew I just had to have it. Luckily, the usually sold-out shade restocked at, and I was even able to get it for P1,734 instead of the regular P2,620. Winner!

photo (1).jpg

Gett: I started going to a dermatologist to help solve my skin issues in March. My treatment involves getting regular facials and diamond peels, and as of this month, I’ve spent P22,500 in total (P1,500 per session) on them! It’s quite costly but my skin’s been getting better and I’ve been really content so it’s a great investment for me!


Katsy: I have been on a low-buy this year as I felt like a lot of my products aren't getting enough love from me. But since I haven't tried any Becca product yet AND they became available on AND they came out with this lovely palette, I couldn't resist! (A lot of excuses, I know, but it was also my birthday so...) I got the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette (P2,615 at No regrets here except the palette justified why I go for all-in-one palettes in the first place and have now been adding more to my wishlist. I use this for a whole face look by applying the bronzer, blush, and highlighters on my eyes as well. A superb bonus: the packaging is extremely pretty and I love displaying it on my vanity.

Kim: My most expensive purchase yet for 2017 is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme (P2,278). I got it from Sephora as a birthday gift for myself while I was still suffering from bad skin, so I was on the hunt for an everyday foundation that promised full coverage. I did turn out liking the high coverage yet lightweight matte-finish formula. I use up just a tiny dot for my whole face and this allows me to skip on both concealer and setting powder. The shade that I got, Buttercup, is a tad lighter but I'm able to make it work with some bronzing.


Crystal: My most expensive beauty purchase for the year would be one session of laser hair removal for my lower legs from my derma. It set me back P5,000 which I think is a fair price for the procedure. There was a stinging pain involved, especially for areas with thicker hair, and it lingered for around an hour after the procedure. I'm happy with the result, though, because I can wait twice the time in between epilating! Now if only I can cough up the money for more sessions...


Stacie: My most expensive purchase this year is the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (~P2800 from a Sephora US store) and it is absolutely worth every penny! I use this palette for everyday makeup or for a chill night out with my girls. I did a full review on it here.


Claire: When I started my beauty collection, I firmly believed that drugstore was the best way to go. I learned the hard way that quality is far more important than quantity so I resolved to add more quality products to my collection - but only when it can add to the range. For my birthday, I gifted myself with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (P2,900 at It certainly is the only one of its kind in my kit, giving me the look of an Instagram filter in real life! I look forward to finding more gems like this. #NoRagrets

So, tell us what your most expensive beauty buy has been this year! Are you happy with your purchase? What convinced you to shell out for it? And more importantly, what big purchase are you planning for next?