Prices + First Impressions: Hourglass is now available in the PH

After teasing us for weeks, Sephora PH finally has Hourglass Cosmetics live on site. Fans of the brand as well as those who are curious about all the raves can shop online and get it on their doorstep in three days*! Sephora also offers cash on delivery (you pay when you get it at your door) so you don't need a credit card or separate payment service if you prefer not to use them.

Before I get to the makeup talk, let's discuss the pricing. There's no doubt about it: the Hourglass's PH pricing is higher compared to Sephora US. Some are reasonable differences, like the lipsticks which have a difference of only about ~P200 and that's before US taxes. The foundation stick has a ~P500 difference; still not too bad as you do get free shipping to the PH. The Ambient palette though has a ~P730 difference - but again, that's before US taxes and with zero shipping. As with anything you legitimately purchase in the PH, it's more expensive as the products are shipped abroad and taxed more just to get to you.

ANYWAY. I've been using the Hourglass products that Sephora sent me for a couple of weeks now, and here are my swatches and first impressions! I will probably be reviewing some of the items here separately as I use them more often

The Hourlgass Ambient Lighting Palette (P3,900 here) is probably the brand's most famous release. The palette contains three powders that simulate the effect of certain lighting on our skin. The palette has Dim Light, Incandescent Light, and Radiant Light powders that have this pore-blurring, skin-smoothing effect. A little bit goes a long way, and it's best to apply when you're done with your full face.

The Ambient powders are perfectly applied with the Ambient Powder Brush (P2,350 here), a soft, fluffy brush that sweeps a light layer of product across the skin evenly. It comes with a velvet case, which makes it a travel-friendly brush for retouching as well. I love using it for applying highlighter, setting powder, and retouch powder. It can also apply blush nicely if all you want is a sheer glow.

The swatches don't look much, but they're magic on skin

The swatches don't look much, but they're magic on skin

Here's another product I've been hearing lotsa raves about: the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick (P2,850 here). At first I thought it looked a bit small; it's just a 7.2-gram stick. But this is super pigmented and buttery. A small amount goes a long, long way that I sometimes find myself applying too much. 

I'm so glad that I got the correct shade for my NC35 skin (Sand) so it's something I can actually use daily. I love its petal matte finish and staying power! It works in tandem with the Vanish Foundation Brush (not available yet in store) as the brush has a dense yet soft head that blends the foundation seamlessly.

The Ambient Lighting Blush (P2,350 here) is another Hourglass cult fave. This has a marbled surface that combines the Ambient powder formula with a blush shade, so that it can give skin a subtle yet glowing finish. There is no visible shimmer once it's on, but my cheeks just get this nice flush that doesn't look like I'm wearing blush.

The Sephora US price of this is $38 or around P1,938. There may have been a mistake inputting the price, because the Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush from Sephora PH is P2,350. I already asked a Sephora representative and will get back to you ASAP!

UPDATE: It's P2,350, not P3,250!

Hourglass isn't particularly known for their lip products, but the Girl Lip Stylo (P1,850 here) makes a good case for why it should be. The packaging has this posh, premium feel because of the weight. This has to be the most stylish lip crayon I've come across! The two shades I have here, Influencer (a browny nude) and Lover (a bright red) are fabulous everyday lippies for day to night. They have a shine finish and a buttery glide.

I'm liking the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (P2,150 here) as it gives a sculpted yet soft finish to the brows. I have Soft Brunette, an ashy brown with a bit of warmth that works well for my hair color.

Finally, I've got here the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (P3,500 here). This is possibly the weirdest primer I've tried to date. Why? Because it feels like I'm blending powder on my face! It's very strange, but it's an interesting proposition. I definitely need to try this out more to give you better feedback as I've only applied it once. I did notice it has a sliiiight bluish tint that helps to brighten skin.

Here's what everything looks like when worn! I love how my skin looks here, and I didn't even need to use a separate concealer as the Vanish foundation was able to cover up both my bags and blemishes. The Ambient powders are so impressive as it refined the appearance of my skin! (The blush doesn't quite register on camera though due to my bright lighting.)The brows are luxurious yet soft; the lip colors are classic and on point.

Hourglass products are quite pricey, but if you're a fan of luxe cosmetics then this should be right up your alley. Which ones are you most interested in?

*Depends on your location

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