Five reasons you shouldn’t miss The Podium’s 5-day sale from March 1-5

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As someone who’s always on the lookout for a good deal, sale announcements always catch my eye! My Facebook newsfeed is actually set to display posts from my favorite brands and stores first so I never miss out on a promo. It makes me giddy to see something on my beauty wishlist to be offered at a discounted price but as the empress of my own household, I much prefer mall-wide sales that allow me to shop (with less guilt) for all our various necessities!

Tomorrow is the start of Podium Mall’s Flavors in Fashion 5-day sale and I’m finally breaking out of my usual hermit mode to go! If the promise of great discounts isn’t enough to make you head over, here are five more reasons for you to get out and get shopping:


You can shop at leisure. The Ortigas area turns into a virtual parking lot on Saturdays because of all the malls so I appreciate being able to get started on my shopping on a Wednesday! Podium also doesn’t get as packed as the other places, so parking isn’t usually as difficult and you don’t have to deal with huge crowds when you just want to chill.

You have more days to shop. I try to be prudent about my purchases and sometimes take a while to decide if I really want to buy something, which is why I'm not a fan of 2-day sales. I don’t want to end up feeling pressured to make a purchase just because the deal has a very limited time frame. This is especially important when considering a big-ticket item: take a day or two to really think twice, thrice, or more before pulling out your wallet.

Fashion finds at Cole Vintage

Fashion finds at Cole Vintage

The stores are carefully curated. To be honest, I used to feel too intimidated to shop in Podium because the high-end vibe made me think it was out of my budget. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find a diverse range of shops though! You’ll spot Beauty Bar and The Body Shop as soon as you enter, and there’s a huge Watsons at the second floor. I like picking up organic toiletries at EchoStore, and shopping for clothes and accessories at the Markati Palazzo on the 4th floor.

Pop-up stalls offer variety and the chance to discover something new. The second floor atrium often feels like a hip indie bazaar from brands I’d never heard of or are only available online. Among those joining the sale are Better Basics (clean, understated tops and dresses), Simone’s Closet (boho-inspired fashion), Ceyana (kimono cover-ups), and Private Storey (silk robes and nightwear).

Puerco Asado from Brasas

Puerco Asado from Brasas

Get great deals even when you dine. Whether you need to fill up after shopping or just want to treat your loved ones to a great meal, the one-of-a-kind dining scene at Podium will be offering promotions and discounts as well. My family enjoys Gino’s brick oven pizzas, xiao long bao from Shi Lin, pastries from Wild Flour, and tres leches cake from Brasas!

There’s actually a lot to do in this cozy mall, and being able to bargain hunt in such a comfortable setting makes the trip worthwhile. The sale is from March 1 to 5, so you can head on over as soon as doors open on Wednesday, drop by after work on Friday, or bring the whole family on the weekend. Happy shopping!

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Header image via Cole Vintage