Olay takes skincare shopping to the next level

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: did you know that Olay has been around since 1952? The brand has long established itself as a creator of effective yet affordable skincare, and it maintains its top status by constantly evolving and improving in the cutthroat business of beauty. Olay is all about pushing the envelope to bring customers the latest in skincare technology and user experience. And now they’ve gone a step further by giving the skincare shopping experience a red carpet-worthy revamp.

Under the masterful guidance of celebrated designer Jojie Lloren, Olay’s Beauty Consultants are getting a wardrobe makeover. He’ll be doing three new looks, the first of which is a classy black coat dress cinched with a tan obi belt, as inspired by Olay’s signature colors. The ensemble is an instant classic and perfectly marries Jojie’s minimalist style with Olay’s timeless elegance.

To further tailor-fit skincare product recommendations to each individual user, there’s also the introduction of the Olay Beauty Imaging Device in its most compact form yet. I remember feeling intimidated when I first saw the older, larger version of the device - it looked like a giant lightbox that you had to put your face in. It was also very conspicuous, so that trying it out in the middle of a busy department store felt like everyone was watching and waiting to see all of your skin’s imperfections.

Thankfully, the upgraded version is subtler and more discreet: the handheld device is simply placed against the skin and the specially-developed camera captures the macro details. The screen monitor then displays the results, giving a comprehensive and in-depth look at your skin’s moisture, pigmentation, texture, tone, and wrinkles. In this way, Olay’s Beauty Consultants can help you create a customized skincare regimen that truly addresses your needs.

Lastly, you can now stock up on your favorite Olay’s products while shopping at Lazada! Get a 20% discount from September 22 to 25, and an additional 12% off by using the promo code OLAY12 for a minimum spend of P1,000. BRB, we’ll be hoarding the divine-smelling rose and milk soaps and the amazing Regenerist pre-essence and micro-sculpting cream duo!

What do you think of this level-up with Olay’s customer interaction? Have you tried their skin analysis device before? Was it effective in helping you design the right skincare regimen?