There's a new K-Beauty brand in town! Pure Beauty arrives in Watsons

A love affair with skincare is fun - addictive, even - and the routine of applying various layers can be relaxing. At the same time, the skincare products you select for your daily roster should be able to target specific skin concerns and make it a more efficient overall routine. In addition to the most basic function, a.k.a. hydration, it doesn’t hurt to get the added benefit of protection from environmental impurities like pollution, sun damage, and other daily stressors.

With that in mind, Watsons developed the Pure Beauty Urban Shield line with renowned Korean dermatologist, Dr. Seong J. Kim. All the products feature three special ingredients to help double up skin’s protection system: fermented pomegranate fruit extracts with high antioxidant content, patented IBRsⓇ with anti-pollution capabilities, and galactomyces fermented filtrate for hydration. And, yes, all the products in this line are actually made in Korea!

I got to spend two weeks getting a feel of these, and now I’m ready to share my impressions.

For removing makeup as the very first step of skincare, the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Wipes (P299 for 20 sheets) is made up of an exfoliating wipe material as well as makeup remover essence. I do have to mention that I am generally averse to makeup remover wipes as I often find them too abrasive for my sensitive-dry skin, so when I used this some three times, I did feel as if my skin became drier than usual.

I also ended up with slightly redder patches near the nose (a longtime problem area of mine). However, I would like to laud this product for actually being gentle on the eye area, formula-wise. I’ve used it on my lashline to take off mascara and liquid liner without any stinging or burning sensation. It is also able to remove even long-wear, non-waterproof makeup!

Half face with my usual FOTD, while the other half is cleansed with the wipes

Half face with my usual FOTD, while the other half is cleansed with the wipes

The Pure Beauty Urban Shield Clarifying Foaming Cleanser (P899) comes in a foam dispensing container. One full pump releases a rich lather that is able to cleanse both face and neck thoroughly without leaving skin feeling tight. There is a strong fragrance that I can reminds me of a cross between Estée Lauder’s Pleasures and Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes. Among the products in the line, this has the heaviest fragrance so for those who are sensitive to scent, I suggest sniffing a tester before fully committing.

Toner Serum.JPG

Despite its name, the Pure Beauty Urban Clarifying Toner (P1,299) isn’t some crazy astringent. It is actually a watery gel formula that absorbs immediately and dries with only the lightest hint of humectant tackiness. I prefer to use it without cotton pads, so as not to waste the product. And because the toner is a mild one, it is good to use for both day and night.

I follow this up with the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Reviving Serum (P1,699) that seems to be the full-on gel version of the toner. It does add more of that slight tackiness, but definitely not enough to be classified as uncomfortable.


Once that has set, I proceed with either the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Protective Day Lotion SPF 20 (P1,499) for daytime or the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Renewal Night Cream (P1,699) before bed. The former is an airy-light lotion that’s easy to smooth on and leaves the slightest hint of sheen on the skin. The consistency makes it easy to use under makeup, and it doesn’t leave a white cast. The latter is a gel-cream hybrid that’s only slightly richer than its morning counterpart so it doesn't have that uncomfortable heavy feeling that other night creams often have.

Mask Eye.JPG

For specialty care, the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Recharging Mask (P1,299) is a gel mask in a tube that I initially mistook for a sleeping mask. You are supposed to slather it on, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off. It works just fine either way! It helped hydrate my skin by the following morning.

Finally, the Pure Beauty Urban Shield Reviving Eye Gel (P1,299) basically has the same consistency and feel as the Reviving Serum but it's housed in a tiny tube that’s easier to dispense around the eye area. It isn’t irritating on the eyes, and I can use it on my lids and undereye area without experiencing any stickiness at the creases. I didn't wake up with any extra gunk or eye peep the next morning so I feel like the product was completely absorbed by my skin.

Swatches, clockwise from left: cleansing wipes, clarifying toner, reviving serum, day lotion, night cream, recharging mask, and foaming cleanser

Swatches, clockwise from left: cleansing wipes, clarifying toner, reviving serum, day lotion, night cream, recharging mask, and foaming cleanser

I’ve observed that the packaging material is perfectly suited to the products that they contain. The pumps dispense just the right amount to cover both the face and neck with one push of the button. On the other hand, the tubes don’t squeeze out excessive product from the spout. You might not notice it immediately but it’s one of those details that elevate the experience to feel more premium.

While I enjoyed the use of these products, I feel that they might be better suited to those with oily and normal skin types rather than very dry skin. The morning routine is great on me but I do feel like it doesn’t hold up as well as richer moisturizers, especially in an air-conditioned room at night. I'm happy to report that I didn't get any dry patches, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use the toner, serum, and lotion again under makeup. All the components of the line layer together well, and you won’t experience that slip and slide as you apply each step.

The Pure Beauty line is already available at Watsons and SM Beauty Stores. For more info, you can check the Watsons FB page.