The four types of skincare junkies: Which one are you?

The wonderful world of skincare is a rabbit hole. It’s confusing and overwhelming but it also happens to be exciting and empowering. I mean, who doesn't want to step out of the house with great skin that doesn't need foundation? We here at Project Vanity consider ourselves guilty for being skincare addicts. It’s likely that you’re one of us, too! Question is, how far along are you in the four levels of being a skincare junkie?

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The New Convert

Cleanse – moisturize – protect - exfoliate. Any routine worth its salt has these four steps at its very core. The new skincare convert is woke to the true value of these basics. They may be testing the waters and are still on their journey of finding their HGs. The one thing that’s sure is that the new convert will wonder how they ever did without a skincare routine.

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The Layering Expert

The popularity of the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine gave birth to many layering experts. Essences, ampoules, serums, sheet masks – name it and the layering expert knows and has it in their arsenal. Beyond just a blind following to the K-beauty cult and succumbing to maximalism, they are more attuned to the needs of their skin because of their rounded experience. Our skin reacts to a hundred different things including the weather, what we eat, and how we sleep among others. They can customize their routines accordingly to treat all kinds of skin issues they may face.

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The Acid Addict

It takes a great amount of devotion to fuck with acids in skincare. Not only do acids require a longer wait time in between applications (20 minutes before and after), they also warrant a deeper understanding of pH levels and ingredient contraindications. Some actives are known to cancel each other out, and some skin types can’t tolerate using two acids in conjunction. The pH levels of products also play a huge role in its efficiency and trumps over the layering rule of lightest to heaviest products.

The acid user knows how to navigate through the world of acids without causing over sensitivity or overexfoliation. They know how to properly apply their products to maximize the effect of ingredients and achieve their best possible skin in the process.


The Scientist

They are the real patron saints of skincare. Dermatologists, chemists, skincare specialists, brand owners, product developers – these people invest their time, money, and life in skincare. More than just blogs and Youtube videos, they rummage through scientific papers, journals, and books in pursuit of understanding all things skin and the science of beauty. They pursue their own research, conduct their own experiments, and sometimes even put theory into practice through product development.

Talking to a scientist often leaves me with a sheet full of notes and hours worth of Googling homework. They know their ingredients more than anyone and they know about the latest beauty buzz more than anyone else (sometimes because they start them). It is through their dedication to beauty and skincare that we have the access to products and beauty knowledge that we have today.


If you asked me three years ago if I would sacrifice 30 minutes of sleep for a skincare routine, the answer would be a strong hell no. Now I stay up late reading beauty blogs spend all my money on skincare can’t shut up about the wonders of acids know the value of a solid skincare routine and how I can take better care of my skin’s health.

Whether you’re just starting with the basics or are a full-grown skincare scientist, your relationship with skincare is a unique personal journey and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new every day. What you put on your face doesn’t have to be expensive, trendy, or similar to what your favorite beauty b/vlogger is using. Remember that at its very core, skin care is self-care and you just got to do you!

Skincare junkies, ‘fess up! Comment below which stage you’re currently on!

Photography by Samantha Gonzales