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Skin type vs. skin concern: What’s more important?

We love connecting to the PV Community through our Facebook group, where members ask for advice and swap recommendations. Many of the questions we get are about which skin care product would work best for them. This is a tough question to answer; how can we make skincare recommendations for others who may have vastly different skin and preferences compared to ours? This depends on so many factors!

However, I’ve realized that there are two major considerations when choosing skin care: skin type (dry, oily, combination, normal) and skin concern (acne, redness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc). It can add to the confusion of what kind of product you should use so when it comes down to choosing, which one really matters more?

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The four types of skincare junkies: Which one are you?

The wonderful world of skincare is a rabbit hole. It’s confusing, ever changing, and overwhelming but it also happens to be beautiful, exciting, and empowering. We here at Project Vanity consider ourselves guilty for being skincare addicts. It’s likely that you’re one of us, too! Question is, how far along are you in the four levels of being a skincare junkie?

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Reader question: The intricacies of Korean skincare

Hi Miss Liz! I've been using Korean products for a while now. I stick to my cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. But every time I go into their stores, I get confused from the items in one skin care line. Can you differentiate and list the order how asian skin care goes? I've heard that there are routines that have up to 12 different products. So from 1. Cleanser (facial wash/cleansing oil); 2. Toner; 3. Moisturizer; which should I apply next: essence, emulsion, cream, serum? Also is there a difference if it's labeled 'lotion' instead of moisturizer?

This baffles me a lot. I thank you in advance :) - Patsy

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Hi Patsy! Thanks for your question. I was also a bit confused initially, but as a general rule you can swatch the product first and then guess from there. If it foams, it's for washing. If it's watery, it's a toner. If it's a cream or gel in a normal-sized container, it's a moisturizer. If it's in a smaller bottle and gel-like and/or oily with a dense texture, it's an essence or serum. 

The cleanse-tone-moisturize routine is basic, but the Asian skincare routine is a lot more thorough! Apparently there are five basic steps which are:

1. Double-cleansing. This involves using an emulsifying cleanser such as an oily or watery makeup remover like the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove your makeup first. Afterwards, you use a foaming wash to clean the face of all impurities.

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