Six Ways We're High Maintenance - And Proud Of It!

Ever been called “high maintenance”? It’s usually not a compliment and carries an unspoken accusation of requiring too much effort and/or money. In my experience, beauty girls get this more often because few people understand our need to hoard products or our religious application of sunscreen every time we leave the house. It doesn’t mean we’re being unnecessarily fussy or maarte, though! In fact, certain beauty habits are important for keeping ourselves healthy, presentable, and protected from damage. When it comes down to being practical, these are the non-negotiable habits that we follow for hygiene’s sake.

Sanitizing everything

Having a bottle of alcohol and a pack of wet wipes at all times is a rule of thumb we can't break. Alcohol sanitizes dirty surfaces (tables, toilets, faucets, door knobs, our phones!) while wet wipes removes sticky residues as well as smell!

Double cleansing

Whether with oils, wipes or micellar waters, the PV Team simply cannot go without double cleansing at the end of the day. Sure, it sometimes feels like a lot of work, especially when we’re so tired and sleepy! However, using a facial wash on its own isn’t enough to get rid of the product and dirt on your face. The extra step ensures that we’re left with nothing but clean skin, thus preventing breakouts and allowing our skin to fully absorb the benefits of skincare!

Facials and exfoliation

Having regular facials is one way to achieve clear and healthy skin. You can do it at home with some of our best product recos, or go to your trusted derma to have your comedones cleared professionally. You might also want to use certain types of acid for a more gentle way to exfoliate.

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Changing sheets regularly

Sounds like just another chore to do at home? Well, it’s a skin-saving one! Replacing your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly keeps you from sleeping (and steeping) in a buildup of sweat, bacteria, dust mites, and dirt. If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, change your sheets at least every two weeks!

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Cleaning your makeup tools

We are often tamad about washing brushes and sponges regularly but it’s something we just have to do if we want to be able to use them for makeup. Dirty tools can become home to bacteria and dirt, and you do not want that nasty stuff on your face! Spritz your brushes with a cleaner between uses and do a deep clean every week. There’s simply no excuse, especially since there are now affordable cleaners available in the market!

Investing in a cleansing brush

I didn’t understand the fad of cleansing brushes until my friend raved about the Clarisonic brush and how it improved the cleanliness of her skin. It allows you to do a deeper cleanse and manage your blackheads until your next proper facial. And if the price of Clarisonic is too steep, you can check out these more budget-friendly alternatives!

What are the “high maintenance habits” that you consider to simply be a practice of good hygiene? Share them in the comments below!