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We just tried Target Pro, a secretly popular Japanese skincare line in Watsons

Just ask any member of the PV Team about where they shop for beauty booty, and they’ll immediately list Watsons as one of their regular haunts. Its wealth of makeup and skincare picks that fit a wide range of budgets, plus there's always something new! We’ve already switched and saved during budget season, stripped down to gentler bath and body formulations with the Naturals line, armed ourselves against the elements with the Pure Beauty Urban Shield line, and got a head start on anti-aging with the Collagen line. But it doesn’t stop there! This veritable drugstore brand has now tapped into the J-beauty scene to bring us Target Pro by Watsons.

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How the Revlon Youth FX Line can give you a temporary face lift

Despite the abundance of heat and humidity in our country, there are people like me who worry about looking tuyot. Persistently dry or dehydrated skin cracks, folds, and doesn’t tend to smooth back out, thus making us look older than we really are. I’ve had really bad days when insufficient skincare and dry foundation formulas have made me look wrinkly and washed out. While I know that aging is inevitable, it's not fun looking twice your actual age!

Aging concerns are real for people like me who have dry and/or dehydrated skin so the Revlon Youth FX line is aimed at addressing just that.

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