Review: Tri-Aktiline Deep Wrinkle Filler Is Photoshop In A Tube


 What’s in the bag?

One major problem we women have is wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a product that can not only lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles immediately but also erase them eventually? Thank God for the 21st century! GoodSkin Labs (an arm of Estee Lauder) has finally brought their best-selling product, Tri-Aktiline, to the Philippines. Basically, it’s a spot treatment for deep wrinkles, filling them out and softening them. It has three major ingredients: Gatuline Expressions (muscle relaxant), Kombuchka (plumps and smoothes wrinkles) and Argireline (boosts natural collagen production of skin).

Currently, 1.7 million units of Tri-Aktiline has been sold all over the world and it has also become the best-selling product of major beauty retailers suck as Kohl’s, Sephora, and Boots. The company claims that 83% of women noticed an improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles in just 4 weeks while 68% noticed an immediate filling of wrinkles. This is just a press release, however. I know what your burning question is - does it work? And how much?

It costs P2,600 and will be available in major Watson’s outlets this November. I can’t vouch for the long-term benefits of Tri-Aktiline as I don’t have wrinkles yet, but here is a demonstration of how to use it and how it fills up deep wrinkles. Photographic evidence is the shiz!

This is how the upper right line of my palm normally looks like.


Tri-Aktiline applied. It’s a sticky lotion, thick in consistency. It basically looks and feels like white glue, but it feels a little hot on your skin once applied. More photos after the jump!


Pat pat pat! It takes a couple of minutes to dry completely. It doesn’t harden - more like, it sets. You can put makeup over it but be careful not to apply too much force. Pat your makeup on top of this instead of swiping or brushing.

 This is how it look like once set. Do you see the immediate difference? The deep, big wrinkle line is still obvious but it has definitely softened. The finer lines in my palm are completely gone. Huzzah! Imagine this on real face wrinkles!

So, what do you think? My verdict is that, it works! Like I said, I can’t vouch for the long-term benefits but short-term for me is enough. I’ll definitely be buying this - when I need it. Lol. I hope it’s not too soon. Price-wise, it sounds steep but I think P2,600 for a product like this is fair. One tube will last you three to four months because you only need a tiny bit of product to fill your wrinkles. They actually discourage from using too much product because it will look thick and unnatural on your skin.