How the Revlon Youth FX Line can give you a temporary face lift

Despite the abundance of heat and humidity in our country, there are people like me who worry about looking tuyot. Persistently dry or dehydrated skin cracks, folds, and doesn’t tend to smooth back out, thus making us look older than we really are. I’ve had really bad days when insufficient skincare and dry foundation formulas have made me look wrinkly and washed out. While I know that aging is inevitable, it's not fun looking twice your actual age!

Aging concerns are real for people like me who have dry and/or dehydrated skin so the Revlon Youth FX line is aimed at addressing just that. These are cosmetics though; the effects wash out and you would need to look at actives or medical procedures for something more long term. You can check our recos for delaying its onset and minimizing its effects. Since I already address my long term issues with actives like retinoids, something that helps smooth out the everyday canvass is so welcome!


The Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck (10ml) is a silicone-based primer. Like most silicone primers, it blurs and fills pores. It’s advised to use it up to the neck but I find it so wasteful. Who honestly notices peoples’ necks anyway? My advice is to use as little of this as possible, and to try to fill your pores patiently, with as thin layers as possible. Silicone that is applied loosely on top of skin may blur out your complexion faster, but the primer (and your foundation) will also slide around much easier.

face and neck primer.JPG

My pores are not so big but they are a little bit more visible on the nose and cheek area. This primer, used sparingly, looked great in filling and sort of blurring away the texture in that area. The primer is a little tacky though, and it does bunch up like keloid scars when overused. I would again reiterate applying this very thinly and using your fingers rather than the applicator so you can push the product onto the skin and sheer it out more.


The Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Forehead (14.7ml) is a watery primer that dries invisible. It is recommended to be used on the forehead, though I would just go ahead and use it wherever you may have medium lines, such as on the forehead and near the mouth. I would not use it on crow’s feet though because it wasn’t cleared for use near the eye area.

forehead primer line.jpg

This primer shocked me! I was expecting it to be stiff, almost like liquid band aid. To be quite honest, I was just waiting for it to fail. But it actually dried like the face/neck primer AND prevented my deeper wrinkles from moving a lot. Here it is on my ring finger knuckle, spread down to my wrist. It looks so photoshopped!


The Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation is a creamy, medium coverage foundation. It has broad spectrum SPF 20 and a demi-matte finish. It’s a little difficult to blend on dry skin so you definitely need proper skin prep with this foundation. Otherwise, the soft-focus finish of this foundation covered pores and fine lines really well! It also stays on for an average amount of time (about 4 hours) but I’m not sure if it’s the foundation alone or if the primer helped.


I made the mistake of using too much foundation and primer on my nose so it ended up looking horrible at the end of the day. Since this line is so full of silicones, it makes the formulas more difficult to manage. You need to be really, really careful with the amount you apply to your face and go apply with a "less is more" mantra. Think of how much you need to cover that area, and use 20% less.

Before and after using the primers and foundation

Before and after using the primers and foundation

Close up before and after shots of my forehead and cheek areas

Close up before and after shots of my forehead and cheek areas

I used the Forehead Primer where directed and the Face/Neck Primer mostly on my cheeks and nose before topping with the FX Foundation. While they are all separately demi matte to matte, the products catch light nicely and give a soft glow! It covered my blemishes and bags somewhat, but I couldn’t cover them up with more product because it was starting to feel a little too thick. It may take some time figuring out how minimally one should use these items, but they do look great and work for the intended purpose!

a copy 4.jpg

The Revlon Youth FX line is a great cosmetic solution to fine lines and pore issues. I wouldn’t limit it to people with dry or mature skin as I can see it working for people with oily skin and pore issues as well! The Forehead Primer can get faint to medium lines smoothed out, while the tacky Face/Neck Primer can adhere to oily skin and fill in pores. The Foundation is a nice finishing touch to further achieve that soft focus effect that wears so well on imperfections.

Is your skin dry and prone to looking wrinkly like mine? How do you minimize the signs of aging on your face?