Skincare gems from L'Oreal Paris

The fact that we are living in the future is something we take for granted. Imagine, 15 years ago the Internet was just something rich people and offices had; information can only be found in print. We now have personal computers with touch screens that can fit in our pocket. We have hologram Tupac, dead for 16 years, performing in a concert! But we all take it in stride and shrug it off as the natural order of things. There is no wonder, there is no marvel anymore.

Aside from gadgets, this living-in-the-future bit also applies to beauty products. The skincare industry, for instance, is moving fast with new innovations at affordable price points. Products that used to be only available from high-end brands now have doppelgangers in drugstore brands. It's not exactly the same but efficacy is just as good for what you pay for them.

Now, L'Oreal has been diligent in amping up their skincare lines with two new products: the White Perfect Micro-vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener and the Youth Code Pre-Essence.

The White Perfect Micro-vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener (P695) is an eye cream with a vibrating applicator. The white cream is moisturizing and offers a bit of brightening because it has some shimmer, but the applicator is the real star here. :D It's metal-tipped so it feels very cool and soothing once you place it on your eyebags. The vibration is gentle yet stimulating, a little bit like getting a massage.

Here's how to apply:

  1. Unscrew the top and using your finger; lightly spread a pea-sized amount of the cream from the corner of the eye towards the temple. Gently pat the eye cream until it is fully absorbed, paying particular attention to the crow’s feet area. 
  2. Screw top on, remove plastic lid and hold the roll on vibrating massager like a pen. Switch the on button and place it against the skin for 2-3 seconds on each of the 5 points. 
  3. Gently slide the massager across the under-eye area as indicated by the arrows. Do not drag the massager back and forth. Allow 10 seconds per eye.


Next up, I have the Youth Code Pre-Essence (P1,495). It's a booster treatment for aging skin and works by activating our youth gene. Too sci-fi? Hard to tell, but this is a nice moisturizing serum that feels quite high-end (it reminds me of a P5,000 serum I love). It boosts the effects of your fave moisturizer, so apply it beforehand to see the results.

L’Oreal Laboratories have once again pushed the boundaries of innovation, and after 10 years of research, have developed PRO-GEN™, new technology that targets the skin’s youth code. PRO-GEN™ energizes gene expression and the result: the skin’s barrier is reinforced and has more strength to confront aggressions.

And that's it really! Try L'Oreal skincare products if you're looking for drugstore finds that have counterparts in more expensive brands. :D You can find L'Oreal in major beauty aisles.