How I #LiveMore by being connected

Sharing (and knowing) things as they happen is probably one of the coolest things in the 21st century. It's mindblowing that you can snap a photo and have it up within a minute for all your friends to see, and vice versa! I usually use my cellphone to share photos but sometimes, if I just happen to be in front of my Macbook Air, I take pics with Photobooth instead. 

I've already mentioned our Huawei MiFi device before. It's a handy portable router that you can use ANYWHERE - at least, in all the places I've been to! We use a SMART sim with it and are patrons of the Smart Bro UnliSURF 50 (unlimited browsing for 24 hours). It's hella reliable.

Let me tell you a story. Last year we were in Bellarocca, Marinduque, when the devastating earthquake hit Japan. Bellarocca's internet wasn't working at that time, so we had to resort to using our MiFi to get information. We wanted to know if we would be hit by a tsunami! Lol. Being on a tiny island didn't help the paranoia. After a bit of Googling and Tweeting though, we found out that we're safe. We were able to sleep that night.

So yeah, I love Smart Bro and I can't live without it. I love Tweeting and Facebooking random photos I snap while I'm out too, so you know there's a natural combination there. ;) Here are some of my fave shared photos from Photobooth!

This is the caprese salad from 2nds. 2nds ROCK. It's my favorite restaurant!

This was snapped in Baguio last year. I was wearing two cardigans because it was soooo cold! Taken at Waffle House (food sucks, don't go).

Now this I snapped and Tweeted while in the middle of Commonwealth, en route to Fairview. How cool is it that you're online in the middle of a national highway???

This was in Kamuning, while waiting for car repairs to be over. Went to a newly opened salon to get my hair done and met Hector, an amazing and inspiring hairdresser. Believe me, it was of the best cheapest haircuts I ever got!

This is Snaps in a hotel room in Pangasinan, a few weeks back. We stayed there for five days I think, so I had to work while on vacation. Good thing I had fast internet the whole time, thanks to Smart BRO. :D

And that's it. Full disclosure: this is a sponsored post, but I have been using Smart BRO even before SMART contacted me. So yeah, try it! Be smart and #LiveMore by being connected to the things and people you love.