A fine way to use water: Evian Facial Spray

The Evian Facial Spray (P459/300ml) is probably the single most expensive bottle of water I've ever bought. Yes, it's just fancy water in a fancy aerosol can and not much else. I rather felt silly when I went home and unpacked it. Almost P500 for water? What the hell was I thinking?

Well, I got it because I've heard so many good things about this mist. It's supposed to make your makeup look more natural, and hydrate + cool down your skin whenever you need it. In this heat, you can't say no to something like that!

I've been using this Evian spray for a few weeks now and I can say that it's useful. Is it a must-have? Not really, but it's very handy to have around. Here's why:

  • You know how sometimes your makeup looks too thick and obvious and you wish there was a way to tone it down? The Evian mist can tone it down. A couple of spritzes and your makeup will look more dewy, more like skin, since the water breaks down the binders of the makeup a little.

  • You can also use this spray before makeup. You can thin heavy, hard to spread moisturizers and foundation by applying them on top of a damp face. 
  • If your skin has a tendency to dry up during the latter part of the day (this can happen a lot if you're in a cold office), you can spritz a bit of Evian to literally water your skin. The humectants in your moisturizer and/or makeup will seal in the moisture from the water.
  • It's so hot lately, and a great way to cool off is to spray a mist of water on your neck, hair, and face! You can put the Evian in the fridge beforehand for a real treat.

So what's stopping anyone from putting distilled mineral water into an atomizer and just, you know, use it like Evian? Absolutely nothing! Haha. I guess the only thing that makes the Evian Facial Spray special is that it gives a very fine cloud of mist, so you're not doused with water like in other atomizers. That and the fact that you feel like a class act spraying Evian on your face. Like a sir.

Evian is pure mineral water with nitrogen as a main ingredient. Apparently, this gas helps propel the water when you spray it out of the bottle. This water also supposedly has a neutral PH balance.

Overall, I actually like this product more than I let on. :D It has its uses, and while it might be pricey for what it really is, I did get a huge 300ml bottle. There are no small ones at S&R (where I bought it), but I'm sure you can find some in other specialty drugstore/beauty stores. I just don't know where at the moment. If you do, please let us know in the comments!

What do you think of the Evian Facial Spray? Have you tried it already?