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The phone with a beauty filter so good it makes your face glow in bad lighting

My boyfriend James recently acquired an Android phone after having been an iPhone user for years. Every time one of us is abroad, we video chat to keep in touch. The first few video calls I thought “Wow, his skin is so nice lately!” or “What great lighting at his hotel!” But eventually I cottoned on to the fact that his phone just has a crazy good automatic beauty filter. I’ve been an iPhone user for quite a while too and oh, how I envied his camera!

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What if you could print your own makeup?

Yesterday I saw an interesting article over on TechCrunch. It's about Mink, a 3D printer for cosmetics! It is at its very early stages, so early that the demo isn't even a real one but just a simulation, but I'm pretty excited about the concept. It can print your desired color on an eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, or foundation. The raw materials or substrates I assume will be purchased separately, but in the long run us women should be able to save quite a bit of money from buying makeup in stores.

mink 2

What Mink promises to do is provide us the freedom to choose our own colors. Love that lipstick that blogger is wearing? What, it's from Chanel? No problem, just "grab" the color from your screen using a color picker and then print that color on a fresh blank lipstick. Et voila! No need to spend 40USD on a lippie.

Working with retail brands, I am aware that raw materials are so cheap that you'd cry knowing how much a product costs to make. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to create your own makeup from your house? Perhaps you can even start a business out of it, yes?


This technology seeks to disrupt the cosmetics industry by placing the manufacturing and distribution process in the hands of anyone who can afford the 300USD 3D printer. However, it's not quite as simple as it sounds. 

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5 things I LOVE about my new Smart iPhone 5s

The Smart iPhone 5 I got last 2013 was one of the best things that happened to me. It allowed me to work on the go and to stay in touch with my clients who prefer to talk on Viber and Facebook. It takes amazing pictures, only a small amount of precious space in my bag, and looks super stylish too! It's everything I want and need in a phone.

Thanks to Smart though, I was able to upgrade to the an iPhone 5s. I know this is a beauty blog, but bear with me as I talk about why this gadget is one of the best things I've gotten my hands on this year (so far)!


It's gold and gorgeous. It took a while but I'm so happy that Smart found me the color I originally wanted! If you know me then you know I always wear something gold. It's a color that looks good with my skintone since I'm very warm-toned. I also love seeing gold in cosmetics packaging as it whispers luxe whenever I see it. 

Physical prettiness aside though, gold also reminds me to excel in everything I do. Yes, cheesy, but it's true!


It takes awesome pictures and videos. The iPhone 5 takes great images already but the 5s is just on a whole different level! I'm not a techie but I can really see the difference. The 5s has an 8 MP camera, can shoot in burst mode (or x number of pictures just by holding the button), and can take videos in slow motion.

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed how the pictures are looking even better. lately. This wallpaper? I just took a pic of it with my phone! The iPhone 5s makes it easier for me to take FOTDs, OOTDs, and swatches too. 


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The Smart iPhone 5 is here!

Last Thursday, our friends from Smart gave me the best Christmas present EVER. I'm still so giddy because I thought they were kidding up to the minute that they handed it to me! A few months ago they asked, "Liz do you want an iPhone 5?" And I was like, "Seriously? Er okay sure."

All along I thought that they would send over a loaner or something haha. They were exceedingly kind to give me nothing less but the best phone out there - the iPhone 5! Yes it's finally here, and at crazy affordable prices with Smart. More on that later.

I was at the grand launch in Republiq last Thursday night to join the countdown for the iPhone 5. I finally got to really hang out with Lia, who I always chat with over on Twitter, and her husband Artie. Sisters Vern and Verniece were also there to join the fun.

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