A flash of hot pink

I want my things to look used and banged up. I'm not that concerned with preserving them, in fact, the more wrinkled and scratched my stuff are, the more beautiful they look to me. It means that I loved them. It means they were a part of my life. Once they've outlived their use then I move on to my next favorite thing.

I realized this when I noticed how horribly scratched up my first iPhone 6 case was the other day. I have a habit of putting my phone near my keys and passing it through toothy zippers so that case was practically peeling! Thankfully the iPhone 6 is scratch-resistant. It has no marks on it, even on the exposed Apple logo in the back. Whew.

Anyway, it was time to buy a new case. I visited iStudio in High Street yesterday to get something that'll protect my phone from my keys whilst looking cute. I found this hot pink flip top thing and immediately took a shine to it.

Love how flimsy and lightweight this case is. I don't like the feel of a bulky phone (I mean what's the point when most of mobile technology is focused on bringing us ever thinner gadgets?) so this is exactly what I was looking for.  

The pink area is made of this textured fabric-like plastic. It feels luxe to the touch.

Best yet, this is only P850! Cases at iStudio usually run up from P1,000-2,000 so this was fairly affordable considering. ^_^ I didn't even note the brand but just look for it - it's probably the only one in the whole store at this price haha.

I know, this is such a random post, but I'm just so happy with this particular find!