A cute phone case to remind me of spring

Summer is in full swing and it's hot as hell here, but my mind is still on spring. The cool weather, the random riot of flowers in even the most mundane places, just the general lightness of being in the air - that's what I love most about that season. I wanted something to remember it by so during my trip I picked up this cute printed phone case!

Yes apparently I am a person who likes blogging about phone cases now. :P I got this from Loft in Yurakucho for around 2,300 yen. It's a folio-type case for my iPhone 6 with a magnetic snap and space for two cards. At first I wasn't digging the extra bulk, but I realized that because of it there will be no mo' drama if I accidentally leave my wallet home (again). Which I did the other day like a total dork.

Bottomline: when in Tokyo, get a cute phone case! There are oodles of unique ones + you get to reminisce about your trip literally all the time if you're as attached to you phone as I am. ^_^