Moisture and color in one: Etude House Sugar Tint Balm

I was talking to a fellow beauty blogger the other day about how some of us treat PR contacts. I admit, I can be a little bit difficult to talk to when it comes to publishing press releases, attending events, or even just writing about a product sent to me. I try to be better but I only have a limited time to accommodate everything here. Modesty aside, I always make it a point to create excellently photographed and written content. Frankly unless the brand is willing to hire me, then I'm afraid they have to wait for me to get to them.

I know that makes me sound like such a horrible person, but consider this: I've worked on this website for seven years. I've invested (and I continue to invest) so much time and money on it, and for someone to expect me to jump whenever they say "go here!", "try this!", "write about this!" is too much. I would like to keep the right to do what I think is right for my blog. If your brand or product excites me then I guarantee you a fabulous write-up - no need to pay me a single cent! If it doesn't, and we have no relationship prior, and you're not interested in building one with me, then forgive me if I pass on it. We all have to focus on more fulfilling work.

Anyway! Today I'd like to introduce one of the latest lip products to hit the stores: the Etude House Sugar Tint Balm (P498). This is a balm-type color that is surprisingly not slinky, overly wet, or glossy. It feels thin and light on lips. It hydrates. The colors stick. Did I say it's moisturizing? It's especially useful for those with chappy lips.

The plastic packaging is pretty simple and straightforward, the only difference being the screw cap. This seals moisture in so that the balm doesn't dry out prematurely. 

I've got PK003 (Grapefruit Tea) and RD301 (Cranberry Pie) with me. Here are the swatches!

PK003 Grapefruit Tea is a light pink shade with a tendency to streak even after several layers. I would've found it pretty on me if I had hair that's less red, but currently pale pink shades like this isn't working out for my colouring. It's cute as is though.

RD301 Cranberry Pie is more my thing! It's a bright berry red shade with a suede finish. It's very chic at the moment. I'm quite surprised that such a sophisticated color came from a girly brand. ^_^

Overall, I recommend the Etude House Sugar Tint Balm to those who like hydrating rich colors with good wear time (around 4-5 hours). Just remember to avoid the streaky shades and you'll be alright. ^_^ Let me know what you think!