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Beauty rescue: Rosebud Salve

In 1895, an enterprising man called Dr. George F. Smith set up the Rosebud Perfume Co. to sell a homegrown balm that fast became a hit among his neighbors. He was able to grow the business by setting up a mail order and door to door sales system that not only sold the trademark Rosebud Salve but also perfumes and aftershaves. At one time, he had 70,000 salespeople going door to door to sell this popular product!

More than 100 years later, the Rosebud Salve (P420) is now a favorite among bloggers and celebrities like Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, and Beyonce to name a few. This petroleum-based product is infused with oils, smells of roses, and is housed in a vintage-looking tin. It can be used as a lip balm, but it's really for any patch of our body that needs some TLC!

The Rosebud Salve is just okay as a lip balm (thin and moisturizing vs its greasiness and slight waxy texture). But you aren't really maximizing this if you just use this on the lips! It can be utilized several ways, but IMHO it is the best at reviving dry nails and cuticles.

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Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm review

One of the biggest problems when it comes to lip color is actually getting it to stay on. Eating, drinking, and even just normal talking will remove or considerably fade any lip product - no matter how expensive it is. It's just a fact of life, unless you get a lip tattoo!

This is why a lot of people became curious about Revlon's latest lip makeup called the Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm. Aside from the promise of lasting power because of the stain formula, the product is a novelty because of the felt-tip applicator and lip balm at the other end of the tube. So, I'm sure you want to know: does it deliver?

What I love about the product

  • Intensely pigmented. A couple of layers topped with the moisturizing and slightly glossy lip balm will give you the effect of a lipstick! It certainly won't make your lips look "just bitten", which, in my book, is perfectly alright.
  • I really like the lip balm included. It reminds me of my HG lip balm, Aquafina, but without the minty feel. I like the slight sheen it gives on the lips. 


  • Pretty good staying power. I give it around 4 hours, even with eating. The first couple of times I used this the color faded rather quickly, but I discovered a trick to it
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