Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm review

One of the biggest problems when it comes to lip color is actually getting it to stay on. Eating, drinking, and even just normal talking will remove or considerably fade any lip product - no matter how expensive it is. It's just a fact of life, unless you get a lip tattoo!

This is why a lot of people became curious about Revlon's latest lip makeup called the Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm. Aside from the promise of lasting power because of the stain formula, the product is a novelty because of the felt-tip applicator and lip balm at the other end of the tube. So, I'm sure you want to know: does it deliver?

What I love about the product

  • Intensely pigmented. A couple of layers topped with the moisturizing and slightly glossy lip balm will give you the effect of a lipstick! It certainly won't make your lips look "just bitten", which, in my book, is perfectly alright.
  • I really like the lip balm included. It reminds me of my HG lip balm, Aquafina, but without the minty feel. I like the slight sheen it gives on the lips. 


  • Pretty good staying power. I give it around 4 hours, even with eating. The first couple of times I used this the color faded rather quickly, but I discovered a trick to it: blot lips, apply the stain in two layers, waiting for each layer to dry and absorb completely on the lips, then top with the balm. Make sure that your lips are completely exfoliated; the stain catches on the flakes in a rather ugly manner.
  • Tight caps.

Passion, Gothic, Frenzy

What I don't like about the product 

  • It fades unevenly, starting from the center. Not very pretty at the end of the day.
  • Very stubborn to remove! I discovered that the best way to take it off is to apply toothpaste on the lips then work it up to a lather. Voila. I'm not comfortable with applying makeup remover on my lips.
  • The balm can't be retracted, so I'm always careful when putting the cap back on for fear of snapping the balm.
  • The lip stain doesn't stick to my upper lip the same way it does my lower lip.


  • The retail price - P595 - is just okay to me. Not too expensive, but not cheap either.
  • I have read some reviews online about the lip stain drying up quickly, but I've had it for almost a month, and so far so good. I do make it a point to close the cap ASAP when using the product.

Passion is a cute pink color. Very nice as a lipstick base since it is not that loud, unlike the other colors.

Frenzy is a dark reddish berry shade that's a nice deviation from the usual reds.

Gothic is an intense red color which, needless to say, is my favorite. This is the most pigmented and longest-lasting out of the bunch!


If you don't like lipsticks because of the waxy feel and/or need a product that you can depend on for half a day, the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm is a good buy. It's handy as a lip liner - the line is more natural because of the felt-tip and I find it easier to apply. Very important when you're wearing red lipstick!

It's also useful as a lipstick base/primer since it provides a good surface for the waxy color to stick. When the lipstick fades, this lip stain will hide it.

However, if you're happy with your lipsticks already, then you can give this product a miss. It's nice to have, but not a super must-have, if you know what I mean. For the price, you can buy one of Revlon's best-selling lipsticks. The brand makes pretty good ones, you know.


I'll be honest with you. First few times I used Just Bitten, I seriously didn't like it. I couldn't get it to apply properly and stay on. But using the techniques I mentioned above, I now think it's pretty neat. I am no longer afraid to eat with these babies on!

I really like using Just Bitten as lipstick base and liner.