Rave: Aquafina Lip Balms

Lip balm is one of the most fundamental things every girl needs to have about her person - forever! So when you find a lip balm that works for you, never let go. Hoard. Put one tube in all your bags and jeans pockets. I found THE lip balm that I plan to use for the rest of my life: Aquafina Lip Balms.

I got these from my swap with Anne last September. It wasn't part of the list we agreed on, so I was touched by the freebie she gave me! I didn't plan to use them actually, but I got curious so I tried the blue one first. It was love at first swipe, swear. I never suffered from dry or chapping lips ever since these babies fell into my hands.

Why this is awesome

  • Very moisturizing. Some Western ladies at Makeupalley find the formula a bit drying, but since the Philippines is humid, the formula addresses my concerns perfectly. My lips feel more supple, smooth, and peeling skin (which is normal) go off evenly. Note though that I don't have particularly dry lips to begin with.
  • Perfect texture and feel. The balm feels just like water on my lips but just a teensy bit thicker. The texture is fine and not waxy at all! This is the most comfortable lip balm I ever used - and I have tried quite a number from different drugstore brands. You will instantly forget you have this balm on.
  • Serves as the perfect base for lipsticks and gloss. You lip color won't slide on this, nor would it feel heavy when you layer it on top of this balm. 
  • Fairly long-lasting for a lip balm. It doesn't dry up quickly. I give it four to five hours.
  • Has a minty sting on the lips. I love it since my puckers feel refreshed. I do know some people don't like this, so be warned.
  • Cheap! You can buy one in US drugstores for $5 per set of four tubes. You get a good amount per tube so it's really sulit.

The balm is almost as long as the plastic tube it comes in

Why this is not so awesome

  • It's not available in the Philippines! Boo! This totally breaks my heart. I don't have any complaints otherwise.



Try it and believe! Although I don't know how you can get a set. I read that Aquafina lip balms are very similar to Soft Lips Lip Balms in terms of texture and feel. GOOD NEWS, Soft Lips is available in the Philippines! You can find them in the Market! Market! Department Store for P260 per pack of two. I haven't gotten around to buying Soft Lips though because, as they say, first love never dies! But I do think it's worth a try.


I only have love for my precious Aquafina lip balms. I highly recommend them! If you have relatives coming from the US for the holidays, beg them to bring you a handful of Aquafinas. You won't regret it. As for me, I am going to ask relatives or friends to send me like, a box. Hrhr.

Who knew Pepsi made lip balms?

So what do you think? Have you tried Aquafina? What is your favorite lip balm?