A 148-peso shot of awesome for your face

You know how some days you just feel off and blah? You don't know why, you haven't really done anything to merit such unpleasantness, but there it is. What do you do about it? How do you fix your mood and make everything right again?

The problem is often very complex and sometimes even paralyzing, but you can start with something as mundane yet skin-changing like the Leaders Coconut Bio Mask (P148). Leaders is a Korean cosmeceutical brand developed by dermatologists from Seoul National University. This mask line prides itself by being free of common irritants and using only natural preservatives. They also use non-luxurious packaging to keep their prices down.

I recently received their Coconut Bio Masks and oh my gosh, I swear, this is the real deal - and I didn't even like facial masks to begin with. I always thought masks were unnecessary. After trying Leaders though, I've done a complete 180!

There are different variants for lifting, moisturising, soothing, and "shining" the skin. I've used the ones for lifting (the Red Energy Tomato mask) and the shining/brightening (Yellow Energy Orange mask). Love the experience so far! My skin has been behaving in the last two weeks plus it's just a lot clearer and brighter compared to before. I keep on touching it! 

The actual mask comes in between two paper masks. It is so that you can put the mask on neatly. Remove the first paper layer first, stick the exposed mask on your skin, then peel off the other layer. The mask feels like gelatin; it adheres to my face perfectly and comfortably.

After 20-25 minutes, I remove the mask and pat the remaining liquid onto my skin. No need to wash it off! I then take the used mask and wipe it on my legs and arms. Hey, why waste the good stuff? Now my legs and arms feel nice to the touch too. ^_^

The catch is that Leaders is not yet widely available in stores. Currently you can only find it Festival Mall and soon in Lucky Chinatown Mall. In the meantime, buy it online at Beauty MNL. I swear you won't regret it! I am definitely getting more of this! 

Leaders Mask.jpg