Love this: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

When cleansing brushes came out a few years back, I honestly thought they were just a fad. I thought that our skin doesn't need to be aggravated by a mechanical brush just to wash it properly. I thought these gadgets wouldn't deliver any drastic positive changes on the skin. I mean, our hands work perfectly fine to cleanse our face, right? Why do you need extra help just to wash it?

Well, I saw the light when I got to try my very first cleansing brush last year. It was amazing at exfoliating my skin (gently) and improving its clarity tremendously. Sure my hair gets tangled since it had a rotating brush head, but it worked: I haven't felt the need to pay for a facial since then!

Fast forward to today. I've got a new brush, and it's even better! The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush just arrived in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. I first saw it in Singapore last year and remember being super excited about trying it out. It's my first vibrating brush. In just two weeks of use, and I'm serious, my skin has improved so much! It went a long way in combatting my dullness and it weeded out most of my remaining blackheads. My blemishes are also fading away faster!

How does it work anyway? The vibrating base + the fine brush bristles effectively dislodge dead skin cells and pore blockages. It's gentle as long as you use it correctly. I made the mistake of pressing the brush down onto my skin the first few times I used it; my skin felt a tad tender afterwards. It's best to just gently massage the brush onto the skin with zero pressure. 

I love the shape of the brush head - not too big, not too small. It also slightly angles upwards which helps me to reach some areas of my face better such as around the nose and forehead. It's also a plus that this nifty machine has a timer. After one minute, it automatically shuts off! That's enough time to cleanse properly but I usually have another minute-long session to focus on my chin and nose where many blackheads are concentrated.

Oh did I say that my hair doesn't get caught up in the brush? Quite a relief! I also don't lose eyebrow hair when the brush accidentally passes over that area.

That being said, the Clinique cleansing brush works very well with my favorite facial wash. ^_^ I suggest you choose something sudsy so you can get a fluffy foam as you work through your face. It might feel a bit weird with a non-foaming facial wash.

You can use the brush twice a day, as long as you don't press it hard on your face.

You can use the brush twice a day, as long as you don't press it hard on your face.

Another cool thing: you don't need to buy batteries for this. You can charge it with a dock that comes with the package. The stand has no protruding parts so that the brush handle remains waterproof - I don't know what you call this technology, but basically you don't attach the brush onto anything; it just stands on the dock. The charging dock's wire doesn't have a plug though. You have to attach it to a USB port which is easy enough to find in any household.

It's recommended that you charge the brush for a straight 24 hours before using it. This should be good enough for one month!

The catch? Well, one unit is P5,600 locally. The brush is supposed to be used for only three months (like a toothbrush actually) after which you must get a new one to the tune of P1,450 a pop. Yikes. But if you've got the budget and an indomitable will to get rid of your blackheads and dead skin without having to go to a derma, you've got to get the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. It's awesome. It works. It's now a solid part of my routine.

What do you think? If you had the dough, would you get this brush?