Blackberry blues

I recently bought a Blackberry. My boss uses one, an acquaintance swore by it, and Robert Langdon kept on mentioning it in The Lost Symbol (I have a feeling those are sponsored mentions though, hrhr). What was that advertising idea that claimed that if you hear positive things about a product three times in separate sources, you're bound to buy it? Anyway, when I was looking for a new phone, I thought a Blackberry would be a pefect fit for me.

Well, I instantly regretted my purchase a couple of hours after. :/ The Blackberry felt like a dinosaur. I've been using a Samsung Corby this past year and I thought that was a dinosaur too; apparently not! Not to sound like a snob but I'm used to the Apple paradigm. If you want something done, the OS opens up to reveal the quickest and most convenient way to do it. The Blackberry not only looked like a brick, it functioned like a brick, apps-wise.

A couple of days after using this though I have come to regard it with a certain fondness. It's quite practical because the data plans are extremely cheap. For only P600 a month, I get to surf, chat, BBM, email, Facebook, and Tweet - anywhere and with no limit. That's neat. I'm addicted to Twitter and my job usually takes me to Facebook, so this plan is pretty useful. Oh, and I can't live without emailing, so that's also an indispensable feature in my Blackberry.

Overall I've come to like it, if only for the fact that because of it I am constantly connected for cheap. I usually turn to my iPod and iPad for the cool apps so I guess I ended up buying the right thing anyway! Nevermind that tech analysts predict that Blackberries will be extinct soon.

So...add me on BBM! My PIN is 2721E5FE. I updated the Blackberry Messenger app yesterday but apparently, the update deleted all my contacts. :/ WTF. Who does that. Talk to me!