Mosbeau for "most beautiful"

I'm not a huge fan of overall body whitening simply because I think that Filipina skin is beautiful. It has a golden warmth to it that can never compare to the pale complexion of the Japanese, Koreans, or Caucasians. Why whiten when you're already born with a gorgeous shade? That's just me though. I also believe that a girl (or guy) should do whatever makes her feel most confident and most beautiful.

That said, while I'm not into whitening, I think it's essential that we try to lighten our darker areas. Mosbeau presents some possible solutions with some of its best-selling products: the Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream and the Placenta White All-In-One Set.

The Mosbeau Underarm and Thigh Cream (P980) is supposed to lighten the aforementioned areas by inhibiting the production of melanin. It promises to do the job in 14 days. I haven't tried this so I can't make personal recommendations, but a quick Google of reviews should prove fruitful. 

This thick white cream promises intensive whitening

The Mosbeau All-In-One Set (P1,680) isn't actually particularly for whitening; the soap and moisturizer is more for maintenance than anything else. The Facial Creme is supposed to have anti-aging, UV protection, and peeling properties among other things. The Facial Soap seems to be a basic cleansing wash.

I had Bea of Pink Sun Spots use this set for a couple of weeks, and she says:

True to its promise, the soap is very sudsy, and within a span of two weeks, even if I used it everyday, the soap didn’t seem to be decreasing in size. It has no particular scent, and I even tried using it on my body to test out its whitening skills. 

Results? Well, I have to say that my face didn’t really clear up as much as it promised to do. I used the product coincidentally during finals week and I was breaking out—a lot so I think the stress overpowered the formula of the soap. 

As for the Facial Cream, she had a better experience:

I liked this facial cream better than the soap! It has a bit of a plastic scent which goes away after you apply it to your face.

The cream gets easily absorbed by your skin. No weird sticky feeling after. I think I became a shade lighter judging from my previous color. I also used this one for two weeks and I didn’t feel the need to use other facial products after using this.

I also tried using it as a make-up base and it worked well! My foundation held on for the rest of the night and no signs of coming off were detected.

She hoped the cream has a formula for oily skin though. Although personally, I think that a small amount won't aggravate oily skin considering how the moisturizer is so light - watery, even.

And that's it! Hope this served as a useful primer for Mosbeau products. Have you tried Mosbeau? What do you think?

Mosbeau is available in major drugstores like Watsons, PCX, Mercury Drug, South Star Drug, and Rose Pharmacy. Click here to view locations.