OOTD: The 300

I got these Maldita shorts some two weeks ago when I visited Market! Market! out of sheer boredom - on a Thursday. It was evening already. The Maldita store was a mess as staff hurriedly took out all the sale items that will debut on Friday. I managed to spot these cool shorts in the sea of marked-down goodies, and guess what, it's only P300! I'm so happy!

You see, it's a matter of principle for me not to pay more than P300 for a pair of shorts (unless there's something very special going on in them). That's why I don't have many shorts.   //random ramble

Warehouse blazer/ Avon top/ Parfois necklace/ Maldita shorts/ Gold Dot clogs

Thanks Kira for the photos!

How's your long weekend coming along?