Cover Girl launches the Lip Perfection Lipstick

I have a confession to make. It's quite embarrassing, actually, but here we go: I have never used Cover Girl cosmetics before. There! It's out! How can I be alive for 23 years without using Cover Girl? I don't know!

I'm glad that there's a first time for everything because the first time is always the sweetest. ;) When Cover Girl launched its latest innovation called the Lip Perfection Lipstick, I knew that there was a love affair just waiting to happen. The lipsticks are AMAZING. I am thoroughly impressed. I'll write about the lipsticks in a separate post (hopefully today!) but for the meantime, I just want to share what happened during the launch (plus previews of my Cover Girl haul).

Makeup + macarons = always a winner combination! Sweet Bella is a lovely cafe tucked in Burgos Circle at The Fort. I love their desserts but they also have nice food - pastas, burgers, the works.

Meet Jinkee, she handles Cover Girl Philippines. She's cute noh?

Meet Aireen from Rustans! 

Martha of The Beauty Junkee

Bambi and Jheng

Jinkee talking about Lip Perfection

Group photo!

Of course, I didn't leave without a Cover Girl loot

The lipsticks I got.

First look!

I'm so excited to write my review on these lippies, but I need to take swatches first and get over a morning photoshoot. I'll write when I get back. Later!


Event photos from the awesome Roanne of