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The daisy white

Last week I organized and hosted the first ever event for bloggers by Burt's Bees in the Philippines. What can I say - it was fun! All our favorite beauty influencers were there so it was an intimate, chill event. We made some daisy flower crowns, had our pictures taken by top photographer Shaira Luna, and of course talked about Burt's Bees brightening skincare system, Daisy White

Photo credit: Ariane

More on these products soon! For now, here's what I wore last Friday! (If you're interested haha. I'm not an exciting dresser, truth be told).


The thing about having themed outfits during events you organized is that you have to be the best example for it, haha. I searched high and low for the perfect white dress, or at least all-white outfit, and I'm so happy I found this in Topshop!

The perfect dress for me would be something that defines my waist, slims down my arms, and shows off my legs (sneaky snicker). That sounds easy BUT IT'S NOT.

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OOTD: The first quarter uniform

This is how I dress most days. Unless there's an event or important meeting I have to be at, I'm in shorts (or in this care, "skorts"), a cotton long-sleeved shirt, and my Converse sneakers. The uniform changes according to the look I'm digging at the moment but right now this is it - functional and utterly comfortable without being too boring.

Forever 21 top | Stradivarius necklace and skorts | Casio watch | Converse sneakers | Tory Burch satchel

I have two of these bottoms from the same brand (the other is tan faux leather) and three of these shirts in different colors. I wouldn't have believed you if you told me a few years ago that I'd be buying duplicates, even triplicates of my clothes now. So how did it happen?

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OOTD + FOTD: Red phoenix

It's Valentine's Day! Some people are crazy about celebrating it (flowers-chocolate-wine-the works), some people are bitter about it, but I am honestly apathetic about it. I've been with the same guy for almost seven years now and it's never been our thing to begin with. I mean, we don't even know when our anniversary is. We don't celebrate that - why celebrate something as random as Valentine's?

But if he gives me a video game today I will not say no to that! Haha. Or shoes. 

Anyway, just wanted to show you what I wore yesterday. What's fun about being a beauty blogger is that I also get to talk about the makeup I wore! I think that a well-dressed person pays attention to details, from hair down to the fragrance. If you're going to make an effort then you better make an effort, you know what I'm saying?

I'm mostly a lazy dresser these days but I always rise up to the occasion, if there is one. 

Dress from Dororthy Perkins | Bag from Rabeanco | Pumps from Ferretti

This dress got lots of compliments yesterday! I want like ten of these in different colors and prints. If you know anyone who can make the same thing, I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL if you can point me to his/her direction! I want a black, white, navy blue, and purple version to start with haha. The backless cut isn't necessary!

On to the makeup. I didn't want my face to clash with my loud outfit, so I kept everything soft yet defined with peach and brown. This is actually an excellent look to wear to a Valentine's date! Understated yet sexy, the kind where he thinks you're barely wearing any.

Face: Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation, MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Shiseido Spot-Control powder foundation

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OOTD: Coming up roses

Even when fecal matter hits some electric rotating blades, I have been able to update this blog as if everything is completely fine. It's what I do, it's what I'm good at. It's what keeps me on track.


Anyhoo, thought I'd show you what I wore yesterday! I just met a couple of people, which would normally call for a more subdued palette. However it was so gloomy yesterday that I could not pass up the red faux leather jacket I have hanging around. That and my pouffy rose skirt is my middle finger to the cloudy weather.

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Sunnies by Charlie (and an OOTD)

I know I said this already, but I'll have a go again: sunglasses are some of the best beauty aids ever. They can cover up a face blotchy and puffy from crying, or just hide bags and blemishes if you're not in the mood to wear makeup. They also reshape a face, make it more angular or less squarish just by the shape of the frames - no need to contour! Sunnies are the bomb, you guys.

Anyway, I purchased these Sunnies by Charlie shades last Sunday in Mall of Asia. I love them because they're super cool...and super affordable. I kept seeing Sunnies by Charlie over at Georgina Wilson's Instagram account (she's one of the owners I believe), and I adored the designs so I just had to get one for myself!

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The Outfit Diary

Friday fun day! I don't have many things planned today other than work. I just need to attend a hot yoga class (been remiss this week, so terribly busy). I'm on an unlimited monthly membership at Yoga+ and it would be a waste to not attend at least three classes a week.

Anyway before I devolve into a full-on ramble I thought I'd share a few outfits from the last 30 days. Yes, I told you I gave up on documenting all my outfits here - but that doesn't mean I don't Instagram them (@lizlanuzo y'all)! IG is a great way to keep track of the things I wear and use. I don't have time to remember everything so I must turn to IG to keep some details of my life in one scrollable place. Heh.

Forever 21 top and shorts, Ferretti shoes, Cuzo bag, Promod necklace

This is what I had on yesterday. I stepped out for a quick meeting, not too formal, so I was just in casual clothes. I don't have much time to dress myself these days - five minutes tops - so a funky or sharp shirt matched with shorts is my "formula" so to speak. Then I wear my comfiest shoes, but with some height to them. Personal preference. I feel plain in flats. 

Those ribboned platforms up there are from Ferretti. My favorite shoe brand, if you must know. ;)

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FOTD + OOTD: An afternoon at the rooftop

The last two months of February are extremely crucial to me. I have added a new set of clients and with it, an assistant (yay)! There will be quite a few events and plans to execute and everything. Is driving. Me crazy. I'm happy and psyched to be working with exciting brands, don't get me wrong, but the next two weeks will make or break these new relationships. Everything must be perfect. All must be in sync.

Anyway, I attended this event last week. I loved the venue! It's this rooftop bar at the new Seda Hotel beside Bonifacio High Street. The place is so airy and light that just thinking about it soothes me. I must visit again soon, perhaps to work!

(I don't drink because I'm boring pfft. I do interesting things but I really am a boring person.)

These Ferretti heels feel like summer

If you know me you will rarely see me in distracting prints, colors, and lots of detail.

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FOTD + OOTD: A slash of red

I think of shades as beauty products. Why? Because wearing them instantly provides you some level of sun protection on the eyes and face. If you have a major pimple, puffy and red eyes due to crying or an allergy, or if you came from a chemical peel, shades are your best friends. It covers up most of the unglamorous things on your face and immediately gives it an aura of mystique. What's not to love?

FLY Shades sent me these sunglasses about two months ago and I've been wearing them since then. I'm not one for high-end, uber-expensive sunnies (not yet?) so I really appreciate that these pretty FLY Shades are just around P340-P390. They're not flimsy at all - I've dropped the ones I use regularly and they're doing fine, if not a bit scratched up. Anyway you can find more information about FLY on their Facebook Page. :)

FLY Shades / Zara dress / Veloci watch / Ferretti heels / Tory Burch satchel

Yes, I'm wearing shorts underneath. I doubted the wisdom of this mini-dress as soon as I left the house, but oh well I like it like this. I can't think of it as a top because it's too long and thick so I will stubbornly maintain that it is in fact a mini-dress until the day I die.

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Earlier today, a lunch date and a new bag

Earlier today I had lunch with two lovely ladies - Ms Nelly See, the whirlwind behind Pinkbox, and Verniece Enciso, the prettiest blogger in the country (for me!). It was more of a "wala lang" lunch! I mean I wouldn't call it work since we just gossiped lol. It's always nice to spend time with these two, since the conversation is coming from three different...genres if you will. Verniece is a sweet young thing, I'm this pragmatic know-it-all, and Ms Nels is a super hyper mom and businesswoman. You'd think we have nothing to talk about but we do! Talk. Quite a lot.

Now that we're here, we should all start pressuring Ms Nelly to blog soon. I told her I'd make hers, plus it's not like she'd be short of content since she posts tons of Instagram photos everyday. She's @nellysee there btw! 

At the Pinkbox store in Greenbelt 5

Anyhoo. I'd just like to share my FOTD and (what sorta passes off as a) picture of my outfit. I just threw everything on in under thirty minutes because I was already rushing.

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FOTD + OOTD: Because!

I slept at 3am today because I leveled up my new characters on Disgaea 4. I haven't gotten far to be honest because I was so engrossed making everyone as powerful as I can make them! So, I had to swig down a whole pot of tea to keep myself chipper after only three hours of sleep. Many things are afoot today - I can't look dead!

Anyhoo, I just want to share a look I wore last Tuesday. I finally wore leatherette skirt I got from Forever 21. It's so...shiny and squeaky. It's easy to go overboard when styling it but I wanted to look clean and classy, hence, I toned it down with black everywhere.

Forever 21 top and skirt / Shoe Ettiquette pumps / Pinkbox bangle / Aldo snake ring

I was also supposed to make a date look tutorial but I made a mess with my eyeshadows. -_- I do love how the eyeliner turned out though! I used a thick black Dolly Wink liner on top, then dotted some brown K-Palette on the bottom lashes to make them look thicker without actually creating a line.

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I don't get a lot of opportunities to wear this glam sequined jacket, but when I do, I make the most of it! Last night's MAC event was the perfect occasion. I paired it with a sequined top since they sort of match, as well as pumps with shimmery gold heels. 

Promod jacket / Forever 21 skirt and top / Louis Vuitton Alma / Shoe Etiquette pumps

I had meetings before the event so I didn't have a clutch with me, hay. I'm not fond of carrying big bags in evening parties but it's hard to be prissy when you don't drive and get to bring a change of clothes/bags.

For the makeup I thought I'd try heavily lined eyes in saphire + red lips (MAC Russian Red of course). Would you guess that this is just black eyeliner topped with eyeshadow?

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