I don't get a lot of opportunities to wear this glam sequined jacket, but when I do, I make the most of it! Last night's MAC event was the perfect occasion. I paired it with a sequined top since they sort of match, as well as pumps with shimmery gold heels. 

Promod jacket / Forever 21 skirt and top / Louis Vuitton Alma / Shoe Etiquette pumps

I had meetings before the event so I didn't have a clutch with me, hay. I'm not fond of carrying big bags in evening parties but it's hard to be prissy when you don't drive and get to bring a change of clothes/bags.

For the makeup I thought I'd try heavily lined eyes in saphire + red lips (MAC Russian Red of course). Would you guess that this is just black eyeliner topped with eyeshadow? It looks so solid! I used the Estee Lauder pencil in Onyx and then smudged it with a sapphire Guerlain eyeshadow (it has no name, it's part of a palette). Then I added a bit of silver right in the middle of the line for more dimension.

Tip: to keep the eyeshadow from smearing underneath and on the crease, apply matte eyeshadow/powder all over your lid and under the eyes. I assure you, the pigment won't transfer. ;)

Tucked the shirt, it looks better but it's not secure

Sorry for the blurry pic but it's the only one I have that shows the shoes. Love them! The color (red/gold) makes it perfect for holiday parties. :D

Anyway, gotta go! Early morning meeting uuugggh. Will be back later to talk about MAC's holiday collection.