OOTD + FOTD: Red phoenix

It's Valentine's Day! Some people are crazy about celebrating it (flowers-chocolate-wine-the works), some people are bitter about it, but I am honestly apathetic about it. I've been with the same guy for almost seven years now and it's never been our thing to begin with. I mean, we don't even know when our anniversary is. We don't celebrate that - why celebrate something as random as Valentine's?

But if he gives me a video game today I will not say no to that! Haha. Or shoes. 

Anyway, just wanted to show you what I wore yesterday. What's fun about being a beauty blogger is that I also get to talk about the makeup I wore! I think that a well-dressed person pays attention to details, from hair down to the fragrance. If you're going to make an effort then you better make an effort, you know what I'm saying?

I'm mostly a lazy dresser these days but I always rise up to the occasion, if there is one. 

Dress from Dororthy Perkins | Bag from Rabeanco | Pumps from Ferretti

This dress got lots of compliments yesterday! I want like ten of these in different colors and prints. If you know anyone who can make the same thing, I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL if you can point me to his/her direction! I want a black, white, navy blue, and purple version to start with haha. The backless cut isn't necessary!

On to the makeup. I didn't want my face to clash with my loud outfit, so I kept everything soft yet defined with peach and brown. This is actually an excellent look to wear to a Valentine's date! Understated yet sexy, the kind where he thinks you're barely wearing any.

Face: Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation, MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Shiseido Spot-Control powder foundation


Cheeks: Ellana Mineral Blush Duo in Obsession/Fulfillment, Revlon Photoready Bronzer to contour

Eyeshadows: Ellana Neutral Eyeshadow Quad. I have yet to review this, it has an excellent combination of nude golden peaches.

Eye definition: brown Essence eyeliner (I forget the name), Estee Lauder Double Wear Brow Lift Duo on my eyebrows, and I forgot to put on mascara before taking pictures lol. But it should've been TheBalm Body Builder Mascara

Lips: Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fleur OR341

Scent: I don't have a pic yet but I'm wearing something new - the Philosophy Pure Grace EDT

So there you have it. Have a great weekend, guys! Just carry on and have your usual fun.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

PS Thanks to the awesome Donnarence for taking my pics! Love you. <3 

PSS I'm wearing purple lipstick in the outfit shots because I literally just got my hands on Revlon's matte balms. I love the purple! Will blog about it soon.