Reader Question: What makeup to wear to work outs

Hi Ms. Liz! I do Bikram Yoga every day. I make it a point to not wear any sort of makeup whenever I go and practice since I will be sweating a lot and I want my pores to open healthily without gunks of foundation blocking them. But honestly, I feel really awkward with my bare face since I have a LOT of pimple marks that can only be salvaged by foundation and concealer. Can you recommend some good tinted moisturizer that can at least cover pimple marks that is sweat-resistant? Also, can you share some thoughts regarding the use of makeup (at least foundation) during workouts?

P.S Doing yoga every day has actually taught me to let go of any complications and let it be. Sometimes I feel comfortable with my own skin just because I just can "be". But low self-esteem days cannot be helped sometimes :( - Regina

Hi Regina! When I started doing yoga, I went in with zero makeup. I thought that it was too impractical when it'll surely melt anyway. Besides, no one should care what you look like inside a gym or place of practice! I thought that everyone should leave their judgey selves by the door when they enter. I try to.

However, I found that the practice is more enjoyable if I look good in the mirror. Haha. Vain, yes, but I know you know what I mean! So I started wearing a bit of makeup, just the tiniest amount. It made a huge difference. I feel a little more glamorous in the mat, more put-together. Somehow looking good made me challenge myself in poses more. Does that make sense?

Photo grabbed from @noelle_hilario over at Instagram

Also - I totally understand what you mean about letting go of issues when you're at the mat. That's the beauty of yoga! It never hurts to look good while you're enjoying that feeling.

Now, I honestly haven't found foundation or powder that'll last through a whole session of bikram yoga. It's just waaaay to much sweat in such a short time! However, I do know of a few things that can cover up your marks, make your skin look better, and just enhance your natural features. Here they are!

1. Instead of foundation, use a CC cream or a liquid luminizer mixed in with your moisturizer. This way, you get a natural glow plus the light-reflecting particles will soften the appearance of blemishes. I loved to use the  Etude House CC Cream in Glow to yoga since it sticks pretty well and fades evenly when I sweat. I also recommend the Too Cool For School Pearl Bay Invasion in Baby Clam Pink mixed with your favorite moisturizer. The golden, peachy shimmer will do wonders for your complexion!

Swatch of the TCFS illuminizer

2. Conceal with a sweat-proof, opaque-coverage concealer like the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer or  Artdeco Camouflage Cream Concealer. Don't cover whole areas with this; use an eyeliner brush to conceal individual marks instead. Pat the concealer flat with your ring finger to melt it down and blend it onto your skin. Set it with translucent powder if you wish, but since you're going to sweat it off anyway you can skip that part. Just make sure that the concealing job is as well-blended as possible. 

Use an even smaller brush, like an eyeliner brush, to get more precise results. Here's my full tutorial on spot concealing.

3. Groom and shade your eyebrows. Perfectly done brows can make you look more polished than you really are. Try the Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil, this will stay on even if you go swimming!

4. Explore the magic of gel tints to color your lips and cheeks. Gel tints are MFEO with workouts, I swear. They are totally natural and long-wearing since they stain rather than sit on top of your skin. Try the Benefit Cha Cha Tint or something like the Ellana Lip & Cheek Tint (but for cheeks only, it's not so staining on the lips). Or you know what, use your super red matte lipstick as a light tint; this will never budge until you remove it! Just dot and blend.

The key to wearing makeup to yoga is that you should choose products that look invisible, and fades as minimally and gracefully as possible. Because it WILL fade. Just make sure it won't look like your face is melting to the floor!

So there you go, Regina. I hope this helps! To the other readers: share yours too! Do you wear makeup while working out? Why or why not?