Benefit Cha Cha Tint: A flush to die for

How do you feel about tints? I love them on my lips since they offer long-lasting color, but the trouble usually starts when I try to wear them on my cheeks. They're fine if I'm not wearing any other face makeup underneath. On top of powder, well, now that's a challenge! I find it difficult to blend tints after face makeup without messing up what's below.

And that's why I don't use tints. Still, when I got the Benefit Cha Cha Tint (P1,800), I forgot all my reservations about using lip and cheek tints. Benefit promises a "juicy mango flush" that will "have you looking deliciously sun-kissed from cabana to coladas". How can you say no? HOW?

The short of it is that I love it, especially the color. I still do need to work on some application tricks though, but I'll share a few later on in the post. Let's start, shall we?

What I love about the product

  • Hands down, Cha Cha tint provides a flush to die for. It's a vibrant, coral-mango shade that will look great on light-medium to dark skin tones. 
  • Stays put all day. Rain, sweat, oil, you don't have to worry about it. It's so long-lasting you will have a bit of trouble taking it off at the end of the day (you'll need a makeup remover).
  • It's extremely pigmented so you only need to use a tiny bit to get the intensity you want - actually, you don't have a choice. Benefit suggests three stripes but I only use two or even one.

  • Easy to spread with fingers even if you used only a tiny amount.
  • I love it on my lips! It's not drying nor does it settle on lines. It feels a bit cushy too.
  • There is 12.5 ml in the bottle so it'll be quite a while before you run out.
  • I thought the applicator looked dubious but it does a great job of delivering the right amount of product on the cheeks as well the lips. Fingers are your main tools anyway.

Yes / Yes?

What I don't like about the product

  • The extreme pigmentation can be a problem too. If you don't work fast - as in, super fast - then the stain will, well, stain your skin in streaks. I wish Benefit gave us a few more seconds leeway to blend the tint.


  • It's expensive at P1,800. But if you really like it and plan to use it all the time, then it's definitely worth it. The 12.5 ml in the bottle will last a long, long time. My guess? Perhaps more than half a year with regular use.


The Benefit Cha Cha Tint is a great product that gives cheeks and lips a beautiful, flattering flush. It works especially well on Filipina skin since it brings out our golden tones and brightens instantly. Oh, the solid lasting power is also useful in the crazy Philippine weather - rain or shine (as in "it's like an oven outside" kind of weather), it will stay put.

If you like wearing minimal to no makeup, then I think this is a must-have. It's an idiot-proof way to apply lip and cheek color in one fell swoop. However, if you like wearing heavy makeup then perhaps a powder blush would be a better option.

Application tips

The Benefit Cha Cha Tint is best worn with no makeup on your cheeks, but if you must wear makeup, then opt for a tinted moisturizer/ BB cream and a liquid/ cream foundation as your base. The tint will go on better on top.

Once you have your base evened out, swipe two or three stripes of the tint one one cheek then blend like mad. You have maybe five to seven seconds before the stripes can't be blended out anymore. You don't need to set it with powder, but if you must, use only a thin, translucent layer because a thicker one looks makeup-y on top of the tint.


I love it. It may be a challenge to apply, but I really appreciate the color and the lasting power. I don't wear this on top of a full face of makeup, but when I'm just out for errands or short trips then this is my first option these days!

Benefit will open in Greenbelt 5, beside Shiseido, on December 15. Follow them on Facebook!