Where I get my accessories

The trend today is to "excessorize", i.e., to pile on different accessories in two or more body parts. I do think it's a fun style and some people can carry it wonderfully, but more often that not it dives into the realm of Trying Too Hard. Accessories are best worn as the highlight of your outfit - not the star of the show. You want people to ogle your face and overall look, not the shiny distracting things dangling from your limbs.

My accessory style is simple, verging between cute and ornate. I pick out sets of accessories and just match them according to what I'm wearing for the day. My sets usually consist of a pair of earrings, bangle, and then a ring, but I take out (or add) depending on the outfit I'm wearing. I don't want to look too overdressed! I group the sets according to their color: goldtone, silver, bronze/ battered metal and level of being casual or statement.

Anyway, I just want to share where I like to get my accessories and why. :)

Pinkbox. Since I re-discovered this homegrown brand last August, I always check out its stores wherever I can find them. There are now more trendy pieces at reasonable price points. I also like that there are tons of choices. Check out the earrings and bangles! 

Ferretti. The brand is known more for shoes, but it actually has a kick-ass selection of accessories too! Expect sophisticated pieces but with a punch of playfulness. The accessories may be pricier than what you can find in department stores but at least you know that you are one of only a few women who have the same thing. Yes, everything is handpicked and brought here in limited quantities.

Cherry necklace

Parfois. For edgier accessories I like to go to Parfois. It has gorgeous cocktail rings and elaborate necklaces that brings drama to my outfits.

Avon. I prefer Avon for more classic but affordable pieces. Oh, I also love that their accessories haven't tarnished on me yet! Hard to vouch for other people, but in my experience Avon accessories are tough, reliable, and pretty much timeless in terms of style.

And that's it! Where do you buy your accessories? How would you describe your accessory style?