Pinkbox: The wasteland of cute accessories

Have you guys heard of Pinkbox? It's the mother of all cute accessories in the Philippines and has been around for almost ten years now. The owner, Nelly See, started the business because she couldn't find nice hair accessories for her daughter and, she said, "I hate Disney!" So she brought in her own merchandise to Pinkbox's first kiosk in Robinson's Galleria. The rest, as they say, is lost to the misty fringes of history in a puff of pink and purple. The brand is now available in practically everywhere!

I think I've walked in a Pinkbox kiosk or store a couple of times before, but I didn't find anything compelling enough to go home with. The brand was more for moms and their kids so I couldn't really relate for obvious reasons. Just last week though, Pinkbox has come out with trendy accessories targeted towards teens and yuppies. My verdict? Worth checking out if you like dainty, cute, and feminine trinkets in your wardrobe!

Photobombed by two teens, one who dragged her friend, squealing, to check out the accessories 

When I first saw this kiosk at Shangri-La Plaza, I thought it looked small and that there was nothing to see. Was I. So wrong. I have 47 photos to prove it, so click to get a tour of this mini-wasteland of cuteness! I can only imagine how many good finds there are in the actual stores.



Charms for personalized bracelets

Aside from bangles, earrings, and necklaces, Pinkbox has always had a big collection of hair accessories. They come in basic and embellished designs.

Clips and barettes 

Hair bands 



Pinkbox also sells other gift-worthy items like notebooks, key chains, ballpens, and so on.


Printed tape

Whew! Hope you enjoyed the trip. I got to take home my best finds (thanks Nelly!) which I'll show you next time. Can't wait to wear them, I got some pretty sleek bangles among other things.

Visit Pinkbox sometime, I'm sure you'll find something you like. ;)

My pink box!