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Pink Sugar Sugar Tints vs Pizza: Here’s what the lippies look like after a greasy lunch

When you barely have a minute to put your face together, swiping on a favorite lipstick is a fast and easy way to elevate your look. If you’ve ever been told that you look pale or sickly because you skipped your usual full face of makeup, putting on lipstick literally brings color back to your face. But what happens if you’re too busy to reapply throughout the day? We discovered that Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints (P349 each) is a great solution to this problem!

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Swatches: Cult favorite Colourette Colourtints get a fresh, new upgrade

I have been hearing great things about the Colourette Colourtints from the Project Vanity team and community. Pigmented, blendable, and with strong lasting power – for P249 each, they definitely sound like a steal! Recently, the Colourette team launched new formulations of this cult favorite to be even better. The original Matte shades now have an even richer pigmentation, and they introduced a new Fresh version for fans that prefer a lightweight, my-lips-but-better tint.

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush in X-Pose Rose

Gel tints are for people who don't want to muck about with brushes and powders. They are super convenient and more natural-looking compared to powder brushes and, when applied correctly, lasts considerably longer due to the stain they tend to leave. Tints are also appropriate on all skin types - dry skin, oily skin, they will look good and feel good on top.

One of the latest tints out there is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush (P2,000). This is a gel blush that has a sheer, ultra-natural color pay-off that stays on for hours. It's better worn on bare skin to maximize its staining action, but you can also apply it on top of makeup if you prefer.

The shade I have, X-Pose Rose, looks like scary pink goo when it is pumped out, but it's actually a pretty pink rose shade once you break it down. I love that it's watery and easy to blend all over the cheeks. What I do is a place one pump on the back of my hand, spread it out, then pick up a tiny bit using my fingers. I then apply that to my cheeks, and voila, instant pink flush that doesn't look like makeup. 

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Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Cherry

This review is part of a series: the Blush Week at Project Vanity. Read my first three blush posts (if you haven't yet)! ;)

It's a Blushin' Week at Project Vanity: My top five blushes | Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love | MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Yesterday I was in a mild panic over losing my entire image database. I use iPhoto to store all my photos, and apparently, it became corrupted. It contains thousands of pictures but I can actually live without most of them - the crucial ones are the few hundred photos of products I have yet to write about. Sure I can retake these photos but I'd rather not because it would take me hours and the products aren't fresh anymore since I've used them.

Thankfully I was able to repair the whole thing. Whew. That's why I missed my blush post for yesterday. So! Today I'm going to talk about the latest product from one of my fave brands: the Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Cherry (P1,350).

This is part of Bobbi's Pink and Red Collection, which is now available in Rustan's. The collection features nail polishes, lipsticks, and glosses in pink and red - two color combinations that everyone says won't work, but do! It's a pretty interesting concept and I would LOVE to show a look to break that myth. For now though, let's discuss this cheek tint.

It's pretty awesome. Red can be intimidating, but this basic color is the most natural and versatile for all skintones. Ever wonder why most tints in the market are red? It's because a sheer wash of red on the cheeks blends seamlessly with any coloring! You can't go wrong with it, no matter how fair or dark you are. You just need to adjust the intensity to your liking.

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Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek

Liquid blushes are usually watery red tints, so it's refereshing to see a creamy one like the Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek Blush (P495). These come in four colors I believe, and I have two of them to swatch for you today.

These liquid blushes aren't solid and dense like say, lip gloss. It has powder particles suspended in a sliiiiightly oily but fast-drying liquid solution. They're intended for use on the cheeks but they are surprisingly nice on the lips once you get over the initial powdery feel. I found out just like, right now! You should try it too if you're in a pinch and this is the only color you have on hand.

Anyway. Got a bit sidetracked there! Here's a quick rundown of the Cream de Cheek.

What I love about the product

  • The shades are just lovely. I have Shell Pink Cream (PK312) and Kiichigo Cream (RD411), and I love how they look on me. They have a matte, natural finish that seems to melt on skin instead of sitting on top looking fussy.
  • It says on for a good four to five hours even in extremely humid weather. To extend the wear, you can top it off with a powder blush!
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Majolica Majorca Blood On Cheek Tint

Wanna hear about a vampire-inspired beauty product has captured the imagination of girls everywhere? The Majolica Majorca Blood On Cheek Tint (P495) is a blush and lip color in a balm formulation. It feels exactly like lip balm, actually, but it's a very, very thin one and isn't waxy at all.

To be quite honest, I was lukewarm to the idea of a balm tint. I was worried that it would feel sticky, thick, and that it would clog my pores. But none of those things happened.

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New from Majolica Majorca: Lash King Mascara and Blood On Cheek Tint

My advice to girls who don't like wearing a lot of makeup but still want to look pretty: just swipe on mascara and some tint! If you already have fairly good skin, a little bit of enhacement here and there is more than enough to bring out your natural beauty. Long and full lashes draw eyes towards them (involuntarily at that!), while a healthy flush makes you look fresh and happy.

That said, there are a couple of new Majolica Majorca releases that got beauty enthusiasts into a tizzy: the Lash King Mascara (P795) and the Blood On Cheek Tint (P495). Both were launched around two weeks ago, to good reviews! 

Let's start with the Lash King Mascara.

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Benefit Cha Cha Tint: A flush to die for

How do you feel about tints? I love them on my lips since they offer long-lasting color, but the trouble usually starts when I try to wear them on my cheeks. They're fine if I'm not wearing any other face makeup underneath. On top of powder, well, now that's a challenge! I find it difficult to blend tints after face makeup without messing up what's below.

And that's why I don't use tints. Still, when I got the Benefit Cha Cha Tint (P1,800), I forgot all my reservations about using lip and cheek tints. Benefit promises a "juicy mango flush" that will "have you looking deliciously sun-kissed from cabana to coladas". How can you say no? HOW?

The short of it is that I love it, especially the color. I still do need to work on some application tricks though, but I'll share a few later on in the post. Let's start, shall we?

What I love about the product

  • Hands down, Cha Cha tint provides a flush to die for. It's a vibrant, coral-mango shade that will look great on light-medium to dark skin tones. 
  • Stays put all day. Rain, sweat, oil, you don't have to worry about it. It's so long-lasting you will have a bit of trouble taking it off at the end of the day (you'll need a makeup remover).
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