A librarian on a holiday

One of the (way too many) reasons I love going to Tokyo is to watch what people are wearing. The Japanese have this inborn appreciation for beauty, an eye for detail, and a sense of weird humor. These things flow into how they dress and I feel so inspired just seeing that! Everybody is effortlessly stylish, like they just threw on their clothes without really thinking about it.

Last month I observed that the fashion revolved around the academia. So think schools, libraries, and university sporting events! Many of the girls were in loafers, oxfords, crisp shirts, thick cardigans, and full skirts. I love the look so lately I've been hunting down pieces that fit into the narrative. 

Here's what I've got so far!

The gum-soled black loafers from Forever 21 will be my favorite pair for a while, I think. They're a bit challenging since I need to plan the outfit around them but I think that's what makes a good Shoe-Of-The-Moment. It should embody the style you're trying to emulate, and should force you to think of new ways to use your old things. It's how you stay current yet true to yourself!

Thrifted top, Zara satchel, Forever 21 skirt and shoes

Thrifted top, Zara satchel, Forever 21 skirt and shoes

Case in point: the rose pussy bow blouse is an old thrifted one that I dug out of my closet. I only wore a gold watch since the skirt is already quite intricate and shiny, while the top already looks busy.

So that's what I wore yesterday! I was at Manila Peninsula for Procter & Gamble's thanksgiving lunch. They also re-introduced Everyday Me, the lifestyle portal of the company. You must visit it if you're interested in finding awesome ideas about food, shopping, beauty, family life, health, and home-making. As it happens they have a nice set of holiday-related tips for y'all looking to make your Christmas more fun and stylish. ^_^