Love: the Lancome L'Absolu Rouge

This is the year of glossy, juicy lipsticks. I guess tastemakers have decided that women have had enough of solid swathes of color on their kissers! Don't get me wrong though, I love my mattes, but there's always a spot in my kit for shiny formulas since they never fail to make my lips look plumper and softer. If you have thin lips, my advice is to gloss 'em up whenever you can.

Anyway! Recently Lancome Philippines sent me the new shades of the iconic L'Absolu Rouge. I don't recall ever trying out a Lancome lipstick before so I didn't have any expectations. Well, let me be honest. I had one expectation: that they be awesome. I looked forward to nothing but excellence from Lancome and I wasn't disappointed. ^_^

The Lancome L'Absolu Rouge (P1,600+) features a moisturizing, satin-bordering-on-glossy formula that is enriched with Vitamin E. I don't even use lip balm underneath! I love how my lips look like they're plump and perfectly shaped whenever I'm wearing the L'Absolu.

The pigmentation is sheer to heavy - it depends on how many layers you put on really. I usually takes two layers to get the intensity that I want. The texture is ultra smooth and glides on like butter so there's no skidding as I apply it. It feels quite luxe on the lips, a bit cushy, just the way a high-end lipstick should. ^_^

Staying power is pretty good at about 3.5 to 4 hours plus it leaves a strong stain for a long time after. It's a pretty reliable lipstick IMHO. It's something I take with me when I know I'll be out all day since it requires minimal retouching.

Here are the four colors I have! I believe that these came out in time for the holidays.

212 Nude Peach is sheer, but it surprisingly evenly covers up my lips. There are no bald spots or streaks which are typical of shiny semi-sheer lipsticks. I don't think this will work if you have pigmented lips though! The color is best for fair to light-medium skin

386 Lancome Rose is a vibrant blue-based fuchsia. It makes me think of spring and watercolors - anything light, fun, and fresh!

349 Rose Carousel is a cherry pink that's warmer compared to Lancome Rose. If you're more yellow-toned, this would suit you better (but both would look great either day).

160 Rose Grand Amour is my favorite! Such an intense true red. This is the ultimate holiday lip color if you ask me! I failed to take an FOTD when I wore this last Saturday, but here I am with Angela during the beauty blogger Christmas party. So nice with a little black something no?

The packaging is a sleek, curved black bullet with a magnetic closure. It makes an audible metallic click as the cap slides down the base. Very elegant.

Overall, I love the Lancome L'Absolu Rouge's moisturizing, glossy formula as it is super low maintenance during the day. The colors are chic yet classic, and the tube! So nice to bring around when you're feeling fancy. I highly recommend this to those with dry, thin lips. 

Let me know what you think! Have you tried Lancome lippies before?