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Beauty Roundup: A gorgeous new foundation, NARS’ first ever fragrance, and L’Oreal’s newest face!

If there’s one word to describe this week’s beauty roundup it’s NEW! We’ve got the latest foundation from Kat Von D Beauty (plus the gorgeous face fronting the campaign), NARS’ newest baby to mark 25 years in the industry, and L’Oreal’s newest Oscar winning face. We also have the official release date of Victoria Beckham Beauty, and deets on Lancôme’s quest to further empower women! 

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Beauty Roundup: Diamond lipsticks, a new UD collection, and the return of Jaclyn Hill

Another month bites the dust, and with it comes the rise of fresh, hot beauty news. This week’s roundup has got the latest on Kylie Jenner (possibly) expanding her makeup empire to include nails and fragrances, Jaclyn Hill’s semi-return to the beauty world after her failed lippies, as well as Charlotte Tilbury’s latest sparkling beauties. And get ready to stay naked with Urban Decay’s latest drop!

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Beauty Roundup: First snaps of the GoT makeup collection, L’Oreal’s newest face, and Innisfree in Megamall

April Fools is finally over, and we certainly aren’t kidding around with this week’s beauty roundup! We’ve finally got pics and deets on the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collab (spoiler alert: we want EVERYTHING), L’Oreal’s stunning new endorser, and another K-Beauty hub for Ortigas-based beauty lovers. Plus, Laneige’s new offering is a nod to 2002, and Fenty Beauty has dropped a summer must-have!

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Beauty Roundup: Happy Skin’s gym-proof makeup, Glossier’s new brand, and something sweet from Tarte

Love Month may be over but we’ve still got our heart eyes on with this week’s beauty roundup! Prepare yourselves (and your wallets) for the latest from Glossier, Tarte, and Happy Skin! We’ve got deets on the makeup that can keep up with your #fitnessgoals and palettes that Jessica Rabbit would approve of. Who’s ready for some awesome beauty news?

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First impressions: Lancome Visionnaire Yeux, Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector

How terrible are your eye bags and wrinkles? I think they're never as ugly as we think they are. I have met celebrities before and believe me - their dark circles and lines are as real and obvious as any of ours. They just wear a lot more makeup than average and have the luxury of having their lesser features edited out in print. This gives us an unreasonable expectation on how much better we should look like, when in reality we already look perfectly fine.

Still, that's not an excuse to be complacent when caring for our skin. :) Eye cream, for instance, is something anyone from their early 20s up can appreciate! The earlier you begin, the more regular your routine is, the less damage your eye area will take in the decades to come.

So! Today I'll be sharing my first impressions + info on the Lancome Visionnaire Yeux, Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector (P3,295). 

Visionnaire Yeux is the first eye contour care to incorporate LR 2412, for high  performance combined with uncompromising tolerance, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.  

Dark circle correction: immediate and long-term effectiveness 

The formula, composed of Haloxyl and caffeine, offers spectacular results. It has been clinically proven: week after week, dark circles fade away. A 26% improvement in their colour and 8% reduction in their size are observed after four weeks.

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Lancome Gloss In Love

I'm sure you've seen other beauty bloggers posting about this already! Two reasons, really: Lancome Philippines has an ongoing contest for your guys AND these glosses are pretty rad. I don't wear a lot of lip gloss since I find that most of them sticky and drying. But the Lancome Gloss In Love (P1,295) is a game changer!

They feel like butter on the lips - very creamy, a wee bit thick, but there is no stickiness or greasiness. It doesn't feel like your lips are sweating inside (if you know what I mean). They are also extremely, well, glossy. Juicy-looking. They definitely make my lips look plumper and dare I say sexier!

See? The lasting power is pretty nice, at two to three hours without eating. The gloss doesn't feel flaky once it's completely dry; indeed, I don't even need to wear lip balm underneath. It's moisturizing enough by itself. I also love the slightly curved wand as it helps the gloss sink into the lips better. Make sure to wiggle the wand all over to avoid spidery wrinkled-looking lips!

I just wish that all the glosses are as pigmented as the one I'm wearing up there (#385) but I suppose fairer ladies will love the paler shades. Check out Sabs' swatches here, the lighter colors look great on her fair skin!

Here are my own swatches. ^_^ What's your favorite?

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Lancome Holiday Collection 2012

The holidays have come and gone, but the glittery glamour that accompanies it doesn't have to leave as well. The beauty holiday collections are still on the shelves, so if you want to score some good deals or collector's pieces, you better hurry for one final look at the counters!

The Lancome Holiday Collection is another memorable ensemble for me. The inspiration is Hemingway's "A Movable Feast", where he wrote about his life in Paris. It was the 1920s, a decade remarkable for its smoky opulence and subversive elegance. The Lancome collection imagines Paris dressed in gold, with shiny crystal chandeliers flashing on sequined dresses, as if in a dance of light.


The Ombre Hypnose Mono eyeshadows (P1,395) look fantastic! They feature a mesh/ sequin imprint on the powder, while the top of the compact has coated golden glitter.

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Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation

This is not a good morning for me. I woke up with an aching body (damn Barre3) and a mild headache. I've been staring at the screen for about two hours just thinking about what to write. Hay! I have several meetings today on top of this. But the show must go on! Today I'm going to write about a powder foundation that I've been testing for week.

Being a fan of the Lancome Teint Miracle liquid foundation, I was excited to see if the new Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation (P1,895 for the refill, P995 for compact) is as good. Well it is (subject to the limitations of a powder foundation of course), and here's why!

What I love about the product

  • Delivers a natural-looking, satin finish with a bit of glow. This is the ideal finish for me.
  • Coverage is medium to heavy. It can cover minor blemishes and uneven areas by itself.
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Lancome Teint Miracle: Light and love in a bottle

Not gonna lie: the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation (P2,200+) is one of the best foundations I've tried this year. It claims to be a "natural light creator" and a "bare skin perfector". These are two hefty promises if you ask me, but by jove this foundation delivers them!

I was unsure about this at first because it broke me out the first few times I used it. Good thing my skin got used to the formula after three, four uses of this product. Whew. I wouldn't want to miss out on this illuminator + foundation combo, for reasons I will state below.

Fine shimmers can be seen from the bottle, but don't worry, they're not visible on your face except as a nice glow

What I love about the product

  • Perfect finish. Looks like glowy skin. This is the first thing I look for in any foundation!
  • Medium to heavy coverage. It's very thin and watery but a light layer of this immediately gives great coverage - it will hide lighter marks and redness without further help from concealers.

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An afternoon with Lancome and my first impressions on the Visionnaire serum

A few weeks ago Lancome Philippines invited bloggers to visit their Greenbelt 5 Atelier. It's my first time to actually go inside so it was, to say the least, an interesting afternoon for me!

The atelier is posh, all gleaming glass and silver panels decorating the bright interiors. I immediately scoured the displays for makeup (surprise surprise?). Hehe.

One of the brand's latest foundations - Blanc Miracle

The makeover table

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