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The Look Diary: Matching my H&M makeup to my H&M outfit

When we got a sneak peek of the full roster of H&M Beauty, I was personally curious if the quality lived up to its chic packaging. In general, the eye and lip products are great and can really compete with more established brands but what caught my eye was their set of Powder Blushers, which range from soft hues to shocking pigments. They're just P499 at select H&M branches. Naturally, I got three… because that’s what people like me do.

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OOTD + FOTD: Stiff on top, party in the bottom

A few girls were asking yesterday about the look I wore in my MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush review, so here are the details! Wasn't planning on blogging about it since this is more or less what I like to wear when I have time (same techniques, different colors) to do my makeup. But hey if you're interested in something I mention or wear please just let me know! ;)

Thrifted Giordano shirt / Forever 21 skirt / Ferretti pumps / Pinkbox necklace and bracelet / Tory Burch satchel

Okay on to the look! I wore this a couple of days ago. My day started in a corporate setting and ended in a beauty event on a hotel rooftop so I chose something that would look appropriate in both. Hence, I wanted the look to be subtly dramatic; that explains the striking eyes and toned down lips and cheeks. 

Face: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation, Benefit Boing concealer (blemishes), K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (under eyes), Ben Nye Banana Powder to set, Guerlain Meteorites to illuminate

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Stress, shift dresses, (formerly) ridiculous rompers

Today is one of those days when everything moves at a terrible speed. However I'm happy that I'm on top of things and have been able to accomplish all my tasks! I even got to step out for an Artdeco lunch - I couldn't possibly miss it as Artdeco is one of the few brands I've been using since college. There's a new collection out (called Butterfly Dream) and I quite like it.

I'm on Instagram! When I'm in the mood I go crazy documenting things

Anyway! I want to talk about stress (and a few outfits but that's gonna come in later somehow haha). My method isn't that complicated but it works because I know it's 100% true. Are you ready? I just think that everything will be over soon. They usually are.

Tory Burch bag / Zara heels / Tiangge dress / Casio watch

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At 25 I think that my style has sort of "settled down". Well it wasn't that crazy to begin with but now that I know what works for me, I don't experiment so much anymore. I like pastels, dainty colors mostly, and a healthy mix of neutrals to keep everything grounded. As for silhouettes, I know to make my shoulders look narrow, to bare my collarbone, and create a waist where it's almost non-existent.

These are things I learned over the course of years! I wish there was someone to tell me about it earlier. I could have saved a lot of time, money, and grief over ill-fitting clothes. 

Remember my fashion battle plan? I've been keeping true to it! Here's something I wore the afternoon of the Magnum event. I was there to check out the preparations so I just wore a casual outfit that's easy to move around in. 

Fresh flowers

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FOTD + OOTD: Careful exceptions

Pro tip: if you're going to an important engagement, do not wear anything new. Could be shoes, a cool makeup technique, bra, whatever. As long as it's new, forget about it! You don't know what can happen so don't use anything you haven't worn out first hand. You'll save yourself a lot of time and grief.

However, it does pay to make careful exceptions to this rule. Like last Saturday, when I wore out some new Shiseido goodies for the first time! I hosted a blogger lunch for Wink Laser & Wax Studio (more about it soon!) in BHS so I wanted to look my best. I loved how the Shiseido palette and lipstick swatched on the back of my hand so I just went with 'em.

Such a cute look, this one. I also wore out this faux leather skater skirt that I scored from a thrift shop. I've been looking for the exact same one for a while now, which is why I'm incredibly happy to find one for P150! Crazy! I must go thrifting more often. 

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FOTD + OOTD: An afternoon at the rooftop

The last two months of February are extremely crucial to me. I have added a new set of clients and with it, an assistant (yay)! There will be quite a few events and plans to execute and everything. Is driving. Me crazy. I'm happy and psyched to be working with exciting brands, don't get me wrong, but the next two weeks will make or break these new relationships. Everything must be perfect. All must be in sync.

Anyway, I attended this event last week. I loved the venue! It's this rooftop bar at the new Seda Hotel beside Bonifacio High Street. The place is so airy and light that just thinking about it soothes me. I must visit again soon, perhaps to work!

(I don't drink because I'm boring pfft. I do interesting things but I really am a boring person.)

These Ferretti heels feel like summer

If you know me you will rarely see me in distracting prints, colors, and lots of detail.

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FOTD + OOTD: Peaches and lemons

Is there a way to wear bright eyeshadows conservatively? It sounds like an oxymoron, true, but it can be done. The trick is to show just a flash of color on the lids - there's no need to cover every centimeter of available space you know! Keep the crease color a neutral brown, taupe, or charcoal (go light or as deep as you want). The bright colors should only show whenever you close your eyes. ;)

You don't see it

Now you do!

And that's my quick tip for today. ;) Anyway I wore this to a couple of meetings last week. I finally took out this fringe skirt I bought last December - it's a crowd favorite, at least the people I met seemed to like it. But it's quite difficult to style! How would you wear it?

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All is well that ends well

The past few weeks have been extra stressful because of the two events I've been working on for Pinkbox. They are finally over! Not to say that I had a horrible time, but everyone's nerves are understandably frayed. There's this intense pressure because it's our first time to do something of this scale. We had to be perfect. We had to be smooth.

Thankfully, everything turned out well!

Forever 21 shorts and blouse / Shoe Etiquette heels / Pinkbox headband, ring, bangle

Last Saturday, I hosted a meet & greet for sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso. You may have heard of them! They're only some of the prettiest, most popular fashion bloggers in the country. ;) They're so very Pinkbox so we thought we'd invite them to one of our stores to finally meet their fans. And oh what a fan base! More on that in a bit.

I didn't want to wear anything elaborate since the venue was in SM Southmall (biggest Pinkbox store) and I had to carry lots of stuff going there. Hence, just the shorts and the blouse. On most days you'll find me in different variations of this fuss-free template. It's easy, it's comfy, and it flatters me.

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I'm trying to find new ways to wear my old clothes together. I've had this jacket for around two years now, and as much as I want to wear it more often, I just can't. It gets me very, very warm. Luckily, the cold and wet weather yesterday was the perfect condition to finally take it out again!

Folded & Hung shorts / Bench v-neck shirt / thrifted jacket / Doroty Perkins beanie / t0nic shoes / Pinkbox ring

The idea for this look is fuss-free, comfy, but still with that "made you look!" factor. I wanted to keep dry from the rain so I avoided skirts and pants that will harbor the damp.

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FOTD + OOTD: Royal blue

When I saw this skirt at Ever New, I just knew I will have it. It's so flattering on the waist, hips, and legs! Lord knows how difficult it is to find pieces like this for my body type. Anyway, I finally got the chance to wear it yesterday to an event in Makati Shangri-La.

SM top/ Ever New skirt/ Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag/ Ferretti shoes/ Pinkbox bangles and ring/ Avon necklace

As for the makeup, I wouldn't say that this is one of my favorite looks. I just wanted to try a different blue-green eye combination with an MLBB lip.

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A bright blue summer

My healthy obsession with blue is far, far from over. It's the color of my summer because it feels so cool and calm, a sharp contrast to the burning heat outside! Blue puts me in a good mood, is all. I have no idea why some of the connotations of blue are sadness and melancholia.

Anyways, I just wanted to share more blue outfits that I've worn recently, plus the new blue Aldo bag that I got last Friday!

Nine West bag / Forever 21 blazer / Bench dress / Ferretti pumps / Pinkbox leather bracelet

I immediately grabbed this candy-striped Bench dress when I saw it on the racks. I normally don't like bold stripes (horizontal ones at that!) but I like the color combination and the dress looked so flattering on me.

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OOTD: That shirt dress

I've been a lot more diligent about documenting what I wore lately. It's a great way to keep track, for myself more than anything. I also like to fantasize that my outfits are interesting, but not so interesting as to be utterly unwearable. :P

Anyway, yesterday I went to the Ferretti office for a meeting and this is what I wore! It was super mega hot, and I knew I would be out the whole afternoon and early evening. I just dressed casually with my fave Ferretti espadrilles and the Bench shirtdress I've been rambling on about.

I accessorized with some silver pieces then topped the look with a semi-forgotten pair of earrings from Naccara. Shame that I don't wear them more often!

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OOTD: Ocean deep

I've been thinking of the ocean lately. I want to go on a vacation, but I don't know where! Boracay is easy but I don't like the main beach there. Plus I prefer somewhere we can drive to. Any suggestions? Where are your favorite beaches?

Folded & Hung shirt | Greenhills skirt | Ferretti pumps | Pinkbox bangle | Parfois necklace

Anyhoo, I just want to share an ocean-inspired outfit I wore the other day. I assisted a magazine writer (and friend) as she pulled out items from our stores. No joke, that job is HARD.

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OOTD: Lilac and tan

Fashion blogging is way, way harder than it looks! I took a lot of photos of this outfit but I only ended up with two that I could use. In theory it should be easy - I mean how hard is it to just stand and pose? But there's more to it, I find. 

Forever 21 blazer and shorts/ SM belt/ Pinkbox bangles/ Avon bracelet/ Neccara ring/ Nine West Bag/ Schu heels

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