OOTD: Ocean deep

I've been thinking of the ocean lately. I want to go on a vacation, but I don't know where! Boracay is easy but I don't like the main beach there. Plus I prefer somewhere we can drive to. Any suggestions? Where are your favorite beaches?

Folded & Hung shirt | Greenhills skirt | Ferretti pumps | Pinkbox bangle | Parfois necklace

Anyhoo, I just want to share an ocean-inspired outfit I wore the other day. I assisted a magazine writer (and friend) as she pulled out items from our stores. No joke, that job is HARD. She was carrying loads of paper bags and went to dozens of stores - all in a day! It sounds fun, up to a point, but you have to have legs of steel and a damn comfy pair of shoes to pull it off.

I tagged along for a bit and spotted some really awesome finds. They are super expensive, but I'm happy just to look at them and hold them. :P

Breathtaking necklace from I forgot where. Somewhere in Greenbelt 5!

Sparkly pumps from Jimmy Choo. Whoooah.

And that's it. :P Don't forget to tell me about your beaches!