Three style tips for top heavy women

If you have a wide shoulder, stout arms, and possibly (but not necessarily) a big bosom, welcome to the top heavy club! I know, oh I know how frustrating it can be to be larger on top instead of equally proportioned. I always look fat in pictures because of my arms, even though my waist, legs, and hips are just fine. I've never been able to physically slim down my arms and I suspect it's just genetics. All the women in my family are top-heavy it seems.

Through the years, I've found some styles that work well to make my body look more proportional. Let me share you some of them!

  • Go for v-necks and scoop necklines, as they reveal skin in the middle, thus making your shoulders look more narrow. These necklines also make your torso longer and leaner!
  • Sleeves are your best friend. I'm not talking about cap sleeves or anything with ruffles, okay! Avoid them! Choose tops with 3/4 sleeves or sleeves that are almost halfway down to your elbow. These kinds of sleeves taper down your arms and make them look slimmer.
  • Define your waist. The smaller your waist seems, the smaller your shoulders will look in relation to your hips. Try to go for cuts that gather in the waist, or wear slim belts to attract the eye to that area. Flowy, straight tops/dresses will do you no favors, sadly.
Dress from Dorothy Perkins / Pumps from Ferretti / Happy Skin acrylic clutch

Dress from Dorothy Perkins / Pumps from Ferretti / Happy Skin acrylic clutch

This is a look I wore to a wedding last Saturday. It's a simple shift dress, but I love how it has all my requirements: a scoop neckline, longish sleeves, and a defined waist. ^_^ Bonus na the striking electric blue color!  I got it from Dorothy Perkins just last week so I'm sure you could still find it in the racks.

Hope this helps!