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Celebrate 25 years of local artistry with Plains & Prints Beyond 25

When it comes to fashion, I like keeping an eye on the latest trends. Even so, I know that classic cuts and detailed craftsmanship will always look good! Comfort and practicality are also musts, of course. So I have mad respect for local fashion brand Plains & Prints, as they always seem to come up with updated pieces that have a timeless look to them, without sacrificing wearability and comfort. I also appreciate the fine detail work and excellent materials they use. Best of all, their collaborations with local artists make it possible for people like me to own wearable art! They have truly come a long way in their 25 years of existence, coming from humble beginnings as co-founder Roxanne A. Farillas’ clothing stall in Greenhills, to a respected fashion house with branches nationwide.

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The Look Diary: Matching my H&M makeup to my H&M outfit

When we got a sneak peek of the full roster of H&M Beauty, I was personally curious if the quality lived up to its chic packaging. In general, the eye and lip products are great and can really compete with more established brands but what caught my eye was their set of Powder Blushers, which range from soft hues to shocking pigments. They're just P499 at select H&M branches. Naturally, I got three… because that’s what people like me do.

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Dress for the holidays with the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints Collection!

Are you ready to get all dolled up for the slew of parties and reunions you scheduled this season? Extra special touches to our hair, makeup, and clothes get us in the right mood to party, plus knowing that we look fab helps us brush off those rude "tumaba ka" comments that people make. If only we could all dress like Barbie, right? Well, thanks to Plains & Prints, now we can!

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Style is all in the head

Dressing beautifully isn't about the clothes you wear or the face and body that you have. It's about being secure in your identity, about being confident and accepting of all the things you are (and are not). This self-awareness combined with self-confidence is then reflected in your attitude towards fashion.

Example, a woman wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She can leave the house thinking, "Oh gosh I look so plain and boring", "My shirt makes me look fat", or worse "I'm wearing this so I don't get any attention because I'm not worthy of any attention". She'd be hunched down and timid when dealing with people, and others won't really see her outfit beyond how she sees it herself. 

But then she can also see it differently.

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Khaki and white are always right

Today (and yesterday) I went shopping. I've "outgrown" some of the clothes I already own, in the sense that a good number of them don't fit my current style. It's time to inject some key pieces I can match with what I have. 

White jacket from Studio Line/ Trousers from Soiree/ Accessories from SM/ Shoes from Charles & Keith/ Bag from LuLu

Can I just say, I am crazy about these khaki trousers! When the drop-crotch/ jhodpur pants trend came out, I thought it was ridiculous and just plain unflattering. The trend somehow grew on me though. I got these pants yesterday from the SM Makati department store, under the label Soiree. These are the same ones featured at the SM Department Store show at Philippine Fashion Week S/S11. Neat huh?

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