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Celebrate 25 years of local artistry with Plains & Prints Beyond 25

When it comes to fashion, I like keeping an eye on the latest trends. Even so, I know that classic cuts and detailed craftsmanship will always look good! Comfort and practicality are also musts, of course. So I have mad respect for local fashion brand Plains & Prints, as they always seem to come up with updated pieces that have a timeless look to them, without sacrificing wearability and comfort. I also appreciate the fine detail work and excellent materials they use. Best of all, their collaborations with local artists make it possible for people like me to own wearable art! They have truly come a long way in their 25 years of existence, coming from humble beginnings as co-founder Roxanne A. Farillas’ clothing stall in Greenhills, to a respected fashion house with branches nationwide.

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Avon wants you to step into your comfort zone

The prevailing theme of the modern times seems to have a lot to do with being bold or daring to be different, all done in the name of breaking free. But here’s a thought to give you pause: what if that freedom can just as much be found within? After all, some limitations we only put on ourselves because we are too used to conforming to what society dictates.

In a timely move, Avon Fashions’ latest campaign for their collection of intimate wear seeks to encourage Pinays to step into their comfort zone instead. Stressing the importance of being authentic to oneself and embracing the life each individual chooses, Avon tapped five inspiring local celebs to send the powerful message that there are many, and sometimes unconventional, ways to define success.

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Why what we wear underneath matters more than what the world sees

The age of social media has given birth to an interesting phenomena called "doing it for the 'gram". Whenever we post something - because surely we have to post something - we do it with one eye on how good it will look like on our various feeds. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable or miserable we may be at that time. If the post looks great, and 50 other likes agree with us, then we feel good. We feel important. 

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The Look Diary: Matching my H&M makeup to my H&M outfit

When we got a sneak peek of the full roster of H&M Beauty, I was personally curious if the quality lived up to its chic packaging. In general, the eye and lip products are great and can really compete with more established brands but what caught my eye was their set of Powder Blushers, which range from soft hues to shocking pigments. They're just P499 at select H&M branches. Naturally, I got three… because that’s what people like me do.

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